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Cecelia Soboleski

Cecelia Soboleski’s client reviews

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  • Victor

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Victor

    Hired attorney

    She was awesome did a great job for me. And I won my case for the most part and was able to gain custody of my child. I appreciate her hard work.

  • A nice person. Too nice too win

    1.0 star

    Posted by Serge

    Cecelia is a nice person. She will spend the 1st (free) hours to listen to your story. She will even have you feel a form where she enquires about your objectives and priorities.
    So the deal should be very clear. (In my case litigate until the court date then drop it and sign)
    From this point she will file your paper (that you could file yourself by just reading the court website)
    But in my case she missed some important dead lines putting me in a weak position against my spouse lawyer (who used this delay to their benefits).
    As it happened 2-3 times in a 3 weeks time frame she didn't seems to worry and just blamed the computer system...
    She also did not follow my specific written requests and just follow her usual course of action.
    For intense she committed to litigate for 3 weeks until the audience, but fail to contact the other party until 2 days before the meeting.
    The meeting was unprepared (I had to write the agenda and topic to discuss)
    Last during the litigation meeting, she put pressure on me to sign a document I didn't want "because the judge would like it".
    She promised that her "advise will save me a lot of money in the long run".
    I'm glad I didn't follow her advise to sign this agreement and went to court instead : 6 months later the court ruled in my favor on all 13 issues but 1 and it saved me a lot of money. And most importantly I got 45% of my my daughter custody.
    I have to admit the other party was strong, but Cecelia is not ready to litigate against them as she claims. She is indeed a nice person. But this is not what you need to hire for a litigation.

    I want this review to be nice, specific and constructive but I was very frustrated but the lake of commitment.

  • Attorney At Law ~ Cecilia Soboleski "Friendly and Informative"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Recently had a consultation with Ms. Soboleski. I found her to be friendly and attentive to the circumstances being discussed. I did not feel as if I was being rushed through our conversation. She took the time to try to find out all the details of the situation with invaluable advise. Although I am faced with a complex set up issues, she was able to make suggestions she thought would benefit me for a positive outcome. I was appreciative of the time she spent during the free consultation and her not trying to push her legal services on me for a fee. With the short visit I believe that she is an Attorney with Integrity and Compassion.

  • Cecelia Soboleski

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Cecelia acted as my attorney during a complex contempt suit. She had to step in when my attorney suddenly retired and she was up to speed quickly. She did a better job of presenting the facts on the case than my original attorney and was very articulate in the courtroom. Cecelia was a true force and never faltered.