I am a hard-money investor and I go through a small company who finds the borrower and set up the account. Hard-money is for people with poor credit and could not find a regular low-interest Real Estate loan through regular banks. Therefore a higher-interest hard money. Most of time, this small company will find several investors to come up with all the money but they have no money of their own in it. They make their money by the fees they charge for the loan and to service the loan. In this case, the borrower filed bankrupt and that small company wants to hire attorney Levinson. It was their decision and I agreed. Frankly I do not know what to expect other than the best. I have since learned a thing or two. Whenever someone filed bankrupt, there is an Automatic-Stay, where all money and assets are frozen. Levinson was not able to lift the Stay, the one and only job that he was hired to do and failed. I have since learned there is a HUGE conflict of interest between the investors and the small company. In the early days of the case, Levinson was defending the investors and the small company in the same time, paid by investors, not by the small company. I guess the small company found this job for him and this is his pay back. The small company later hired their own attorney. The borrower next filed lawsuit of Predator-Lending against all the investors plus the small company. The 2nd case should be against the small company and not the investors. Levinson did the standard paper work of filing Answers, or basically done nothing in my mind. Maybe he could file Demur? I learned Levinson spends 80% of time in creditor bankruptcy. Since attorneys are very specialized, this may not be his area. Therefore we spend a lot of money with no result. But Levinson is good with one thing. He made a huge effort to collect from all investors. We are all very upset with him.