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Roxanne Monique Mosley

Roxanne Mosley’s client reviews

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  • The right place at the wrong time!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Valentine

    A couple year ago I got arrested for Peyote. For those who don't know what that is; It's a spineless Cactus plant that the Natives uses for Ceremonies (Prayer Meetings). Which I didn't know at the time was Classified as a(drug), an Illegal substance?! Anyway, I was racially profiled by a Police Officer, and eventually consented to a search upon which he discovered a small amount of peyote in my bag. I was arrested and charged with a Felony. I contacted Roxanne Mosley right away, and got her on the Case. About 18hrs later I was released from the Alameda County jail. In less than a Month the case was thrown out. I was a free and innocent man once again. Without proper representation the System can swallow you up. Her passion is to avoid that by any means. I'm just one out of many, that I have knowledge of her helping. And she can definitely help you. Thanks to the Law Office of Roxanne Mosley! I've known miss Mosley for several years, and I personally Consider her as a Professional ass kicker when it comes down to what she does. Now I keep her in my front pocket. :) So if you need a real good Lawyer, whenever you need a good Lawyer; don't hesitate to call on The Law Office of Roxanne Mosley. She'll work for you, work with you, and make you feel secure working with her. You deserve the best!....Me? "I trust only those who are trust worthy!" With that I say;
    ......Much Success Ms. Mosley!

  • Trust/Will Case Help

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ramona

    Roxanne was pleasant but relentless in pursuit of justice fo my case. She was thorough when it came to the evidence in support of my position and well prepared. Due to her experience, I retained peace of mind and was very happy with my outcome.

  • If you need a Criminal Lawyer? Call Roxanne

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    I had a DUI case recently and she was there for me. She explained everything to me. I was so afraid I was going to loose my job.. She got my case dismissed! It was a close call. The blood alcohol was an .08. This Attorney actually did discovery on a DUI case. She went way beyond what my buddies attorney did for him. She found out about the blow machine not being calibrated. something like that. anyway. Dismissed. Love her! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Shark!

    1.0 star

    Posted by April and Thomas

    Roxanne Mosely was also the worst decision we (my fiancé and I) made. While she seems knowledgeable about family law and sympathetic to a single dad going through a custody batter with a manipulative ex. Roxanne Mosely represented me for just the days I went to court, while my fiancé filled out, filled, and served my ex my court documents. In 2009, Roxanne showed up for one court date out of two. In 2011, I filed for a change in custody again, trying to gain some weekend time with my daughter, Roxanne showed up for one court date out of four. Roxanne collected her fees and did not show up to court for the last three hearing, one of them being an evidentiary hearing, in while the date was changed that same week, agreed upon by both attorneys, and I was left standing in court like an idiot and broke. You would think the ethical thing to do, would be to refund the client the unused fees. Nope! Not only did she not return my money, she never once sent me a statement showing me where my fees went. My fiancé is familiar with this tactic, because me fiancés old attorney was disbarred from practicing law because she was not sending our statements, refunding residual retainer, and spending the retainers instead of putting them on the clients account.

    Roxanne kept my money and refused to return my phone calls. Finally, my fiancé and I resorted to blocking our phone number just to get her to answer the phone. The conversations always ended quickly, with Roxanne saying she was in court and would call me back. While I could hear her in a echoing bathroom fumbling with what sounded like the things she uses to get ready in the morning. She never did call me back.

    When I tried to file for a substitution of attorney, it took almost 4-months to get the papers back from her with a signature. I think she probably has too many things on her plate, it does not make it right to take advantage of people. I think she could be a great attorney if she conducted herself ethically.

    I did not find out months after my last court date that opposing council sent Roxanne papers that I was never notified about by phone or mail.

    To Roxanne,

    I have read your comments on here. You are making excuses and you know what they say about excuses… Make a change, be the change, and live the change. On a personal level, I felt you were a great and kindhearted individual. However, as an attorney, you are full of false promises with no follow through. My fiancé and I knew the possibilities of outcomes, but your took my money and when I told you I wanted it back you told me I racked up fees for our phone calls. I added up my calls to you, and they came nowhere near what I paid you. You also stated you where sending an itemized bill, I have NEVER received one.


    1.0 star

    Posted by Brandi

    This attorney was referred to me by my amazing LDA and I hired her with great confidence despite her ten thousand dollar fee would put me in major financial duress. She assured me this was the last fight over my sons safety, and I had AMPLE evidence. I provided her every single thing from police reports, DVROs from past cases, bullet pointed timelines, even witness names and numbers and what they could attest to. I am extremely organized, just felt it would take an attorney to get this right.
    Roxanne Mosley contacted me incessantly till she got all her money upfront! First court date, she was late, unprepared, no knowledge of facts!. Second court date, she had a stand-in attorney, but she didnt tell me till the day before when I emailed my concern as to what our plan was. Third court date she was late again, unprepared, etc. I coached her through it and provided all my copied documentation to the judge, every document I had given or scanned to her.
    So I asked for a copy of my bill via email 4 times, to get an idea of what she was charging in comparison to my satisfaction of her representation, fair enough Right? I consulted Cal State Bar and did research on how Attorneys MUST handle trust account funds, when I informed her I KNEW I had a right to my bill-to-date. She emailed me back within an hour, releaving herself from my case. 3 months later, after she had lied about being in an accident (that wasnt her car and she wasnt even in it) I get a bill that had an additional $3000 due. WTH? We never made it to trial, she never did research, interviews, subpeonas, NOTHING. She actually allowed my custody court date to be cancelled and didnt even contest, but you can bet she charged me for filing the motion that she stole the "facts" straight off a previously prepared document I paid my LDA to prepare months before I hired her.
    When I got my bill I almost vomited. She knew I needed help, she knew the money was going to put me out, we never made it to trial, she never provided me with one document (my LDA did EVERYTHING that did get done), and here I sit in the EXACT SAME PLACE WITH CUSTODY than before I paid her PLUS I owe her more money? I was charged 3 hours to review motions that the LDA and I prepared without her, then another 2 hours to review the response which was... the court date written in? Yet she didnt know a thing in the court room. The other parent was pending 4 violent felonies and this should have been open and shut, but she didnt do her job, let alone what she said she would do. She charged me an hour just to talk to me while we walked to her car from the court room? 2 hours for court appearances, that she was late to, then we're called immediately, 20 minutes from the time she walked in till we got our minute order? $1600 for the stand in attorney which had little to no knowledge on my case, so I had to brief him ten minutes before court and AGAIN give up all my copies, although she supposedly spent several hours briefing him which she charged me for!!! The $175 consultation fee was to be waived if I hired her (which I have in writing), yet there are 2 hours at $300 per hour for her and $150 per hour for my LDA!!! MY LDA KNEW MY CASE FRONT AND BACK. MY LDA PREPARED EVERYTHING prior to hiring Roxanne Mosley and during. MY LDA WAS IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH ME AND AT EVERY SINGLE COURT DATE IN MY CORNER. IF NOT FOR MY LDA NOT ONE THING WOULD BEEN PREPARED/ACCOMPLISHED, but she can only do so much. Roxanne Mosley may as well be a ghost. She grossly inflated my fees, got NOTHING but a restraining order for me (which I could of done without her since other party was convicted of violent felony charges) and in all accounts, the LDA and myself prepared that too, oh but she claims to have been present!!! The worst thing in the world is to have to fight someone who you paid to fight for you. She violated my rights, my trust account, and left me to rot on my case. DREADFUL WOMAN! No Im not an alias and yes I have proof!

  • Holding My File and Retainer Hostage for 11 months and Counting....

    1.0 star

    Posted by John

    I hired Roxanne Mosley in the fall of 2011 for a simple family law matter and gave her a large retainer. When we arrived at the short hearing in December of 2011 I was stunned that when the Judge asked questions that Ms. Mosley did not respond and even when I showed her in my court filing (prepared professionally by a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) who works with and referred me to Ms. Mosley) where to find the info, she froze up. Upon seeing my entire case spiraling downward I began to answer the Judge and was informed by the judge that I had hired an attorney to represent me and that she needed to respond. I expected that Ms. Mosley would have come prepared for my hearing and it cost me a lot.
    Having much concern about this attorney's ability to perform in future hearings, I decided to search for reviews online for Ms. Mosley (had not previously due to her being referred to me by someone I trusted) and found a review on which was very concerning:

    I also found one here on titled “Poor guidance” which warned me about her responsiveness, which I later found to be very poor, in fact non-existent.

    I decided to ask Ms. Mosley for a statement of my account in January. She did not respond to me on January 4th. I again contacted her office on January 9th, again with no response. Then again on January 20th, with no response. On the 4th attempt (January 31st) I got a response from the LDA who referred Ms. Mosley to me. While I was sitting in her office Ms. Mosley having received my letter to dismiss her called the LDA. I did not get to talk with Ms. Mosley however I could hear she was not happy. I had the LDA prepare the Substitution of Attorney and a few days later Ms. Mosley signed it. Unfortunately for me I did not receive anything else. I was waiting for Ms. Mosley to return my file and the unearned fees for my case which I requested in the January 31st letter. My understanding from the California Bar is that she had 10 days to do so. I wrote her a letter again on October 15th and gave her 5 days to respond. I never received anything and as of November 22nd have still not even received a returned call, email or letter from Ms. Mosley, not to mention the large amount of the retainer she still owes me.

    This caused me great harm as I was forced to represent myself in trial because I could not come up with more funds while my money was being held hostage by someone I hired to make this very painful and stressful event easier.

    Be aware, do not hire Roxanne Mosley.

  • Ms. Mosley Won my case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I was referred to Ms. Mosley because I was told she was an attorney who really cared and worked hard for her clients. Not only did she go to bat for me, she won my case and I will always be grateful.

  • Poor guidance

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Tom & Patricia

    We thought we were retaining Roxanne for guardianship our our granddaughter. We gave her $1,000 over three months ago and advised her that this case was urgent due do a death of one parent and the drug abuse of the other. We have yet to hear from Roxanne or her secretary.