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Renzo Fidel Manay

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  • Great Immigration Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Israel

    Attorney Manay represented me at the San Francisco Immigration Court on my Cancellation of Removal case and was able to close my case after helping me get my waiver approved. I received my green card last April! He is very professional and knowledgable and I felt that he really cared about your case. I had another attorney before him who only took my money and did not do anything for me. Mr. Manay was very approachable and he would always keep me informed about how my case was going. I am very greatful that I found him and I would definetly recommend him to all of my family and friends!

  • A great, friendly and knowledgeable attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Agustin

    Before coming to Renzo, I had already seen a few attorneys and had gone to a couple of immigration organizations which had advised against me trying to adjust my status mostly because they thought I didn't have a good chance in succeeding.

    When I came to Renzo, he explained everything from the beginning exactly as things would happen. He informed me of the risks associated with going through the Consular Processing method and told me what to expect once I arrived in Mexico.

    After filling out all necessary paperwork and scheduling my appointment for my consular interview in Mexico, I came to Renzo for one final appointment to make sure that I had everything in order. He carefully reviewed all paperwork and gave me detailed instructions on what to do.

    Once in Cuidad Juarez Mexico, I did exactly as Renzo instructed me. Because I had entered the U.S. without inspection, I had to file an I-601 Waiver for Inadmissibility which Renzo carefully put together for me. Ultimately, this is what would determine whether or not I would be granted my Permanent Residence.

    Time went by and I had not heard from the U.S. Consulate. I was beginning to worry because they Immigration officer at the U.S. Consulate had told me that the wait time would only be a couple of weeks. Once again, Renzo was there to help. Although his contract with me was already over and he was not obligated to help me, he went the extra mile to contact the U.S. Consulate and see what the hold up was. It turned out that the Consulate was just backed up with too many waiver cases and were just backlogged with many applications to review before mine.

    As I waited patiently in Mexico, Renzo periodically emailed and kept me informed about the progress on my case until one day, my visa finally came and it was time to go home!!! What seemed like an eternal wait had finally come to and end and I couldn't have done it without his support.

    Today, I have a Green Card, Drivers License and a good paying job thanks to Renzo's professional assistance. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance in immigration. Although he may be young, rest assured that he is very knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to help you out!

    Thank you Renzo for helping me achieve my dream in becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident!!!


  • Success Story

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maureen

    I Maureen Devi from New Zealand have dealt with Renzo Manay in regards to my brothers immigration case. I found Renzo highly efficient and knowledgeable with exceptionally open communication in terms with update. Dealing from another part of the world could be seen as a hugh challenge but Renzo was always an email or a phone call away. My brother was due to be deported; however Renzo's extensive assistance and hard work has seen my brother out of deportation and is happily residing with my siblings. Renzo has gone the "extra mile" for his clients (us) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Renzo to anyone!!
    All The Best Renzo

    Best Wishes

    Maureen Devi
    Auckland New Zealand
    +64 211 558 555