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Anthony J Sperber

About Anthony Sperber

About me

Before I was an attorney, I spent approximately 10 years in the restaurant industry.  I also started and ran a painting contracting company during college.  Even in those non-legal positions, I found myself advocating for others who did not have much of a voice.  Often these were low-level employees whose employers took advantage of because they were young, female, immigrants, or did not speak fluent English.


Since graduating from law school in 1998, I have worked on a wide variety of cases, and for an even wider variety of people and businesses.  Since starting my own firm in 2000, I have represented only small businesses and individuals--typically against wealthy and powerful corporations.  Although these defendants invariably have armies of lawyers and piles of money, I find that I can obtain justice for my clients through persistent and creative litigation.  On this website you will find some examples of my recent cases. 


Thank you for reviewing my profile.  If you would like to speak about a potential legal matter, please feel free to call me or send me an email.


Anthony Sperber