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Seth P Chazin

Seth Chazin’s client reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    I have the up most respect for Seth, he is wise and very knowledgeable when it comes to any case. He makes you feel like you are still an American of this country and the law is applied for which it was written for either side, but to have someone to stand up for those rights and genuinely stand behind you, says alot about a person. I found myself in a situation with need of someone who truly understood what i was going through and gave me the reality of every out come. He did that and more....he gave me my life back and handled my case in the up most professional way. He is a caring man, and understands that the last thing you want to do is have to talk to a lawyer for any reason. However if you have to...he is the counsel you want walking in with you in any situation. I am forevermore than great full to these highly trained professional. Thank for your patience as well as dedication you showed me as well as my family. Last but not least, nothing comes without a price....? but you have to ask yourself, if you can put a price on your life.

  • The best choice you'll ever make!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    An unexpected felony charge that could have landed my fiance in prison for life or have given him the death penalty was dismissed with the help of Seth Chazin. If you want someone that will keep you informed and wil remain trustworthy, I strongly recommend Seth Chazin.

  • Recommendation for Seth P. Chazin

    5.0 stars

    Posted by T

    Seth Chazin was recommended to me by another criminal defense attorney who felt Mr. Chazin could better assist me with my legal issues regarding numerous felony charges I was facing in a white collar crime case. I did some preliminary research on Mr. Chazin and determined he had a solid record, over 20 years experience, and was an active voice in his community serving on several boards and volunteering of his time. I hired Seth to represent me after meeting with him, outlining my case, and discussing the state's pending charges and possible outcomes.

    Although my decision was based on a number of issues, one of the most important qualities I considered was his reputation among his colleagues in the legal community. The cost of retaining Mr. Chazin's services were a consideration, but I believe that defending yourself against criminal charges is not an area where money should dictate a decision. If I expected to be given any respect, I reasoned I needed to be represented by an attorney who was well well-thought-of. Seth's fees were lower than I had anticipated and I hired him under a flat fee contract as opposed to an hourly rate. This type of agreement can go either way depending on the outcome of your case, but again, I was concerned with getting the best result not with getting a certain number of hours for fees paid.

    Seth was patient and understanding about my level of anxiety regarding the situation. I emphasized my two greatest concerns involved the trauma of an arrest and the fear of incarceration. I was charged with 6 felonies, but Seth negotiated with the prosecutor to avoid an arrest and ultimately to reach a plea agreement wherein I was given no jail time. This case lasted roughly 8 months but with Seth's help, I experienced minimal interruption to my normal routine. Being a defendant in a criminal case is nerve-racking, but the right attorney should structure the situation so that the client does not feel a sense of constant conflict and dread. Seth did this remarkably well. I did have periods of worry where I frequently contacted Seth with numerous questions and he always responded within a timely manner, including on the weekend and late at night. When he answered my legal questions, he always balanced his replies with a bit of personal advise or suggestions for lessening my anxiety. The personal level made it easier for me to click with Seth and communicate without fearing judgment.

    I was satisfied with the outcome to my case and would use Seth's services in the future if the need arose. However, I don't plan on finding myself in that situation again. I will definitely recommend him to anybody who is seeking solid solid, experienced representation in a criminal trial. I say shop around when hiring an attorney, and if Mr. Chazin is on your list, you will be pleased with his work if you decide he is the best person to help you with your legal problems.

  • All charges dropped

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Liz

    In late 2011, a family member was arrested on criminal charges. The charges could have resulted in a 20 plus year sentence. I am happy to say after 2 years, it has all been settled with all charges being dropped, thanks to Seth . My only regret is not contacting him immediately right from the beginning. I can't stress this enough. No matter how off the wall the charges may seem initially, take it seriously! Contact an attorney right away. It is an unbelievable weight lifted off your shoulders knowing a competent attorney is handling the case. We now have a better insight into how the 'system' works. Something like this does effect an entire family, and friends, everyone will need to come together, to get the best results. Thank You Seth.

  • A competent, caring, *effective* criminal lawyer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Samuel

    I was arrested and charged with a few felony charges resulting from me being pulled over in Alameda with a bit more marijuana than is legally allowed by medical code here in California. They had clear-cut evidence of my intent for sale, as well as a valid basis for tacking on a transportation charge with intent for sale. After discussing the case with Mr. Chazin, he very bluntly informed me that the case would in fact be an uphill battle, and there was no guarantee of success with the evidence that existed. Having heard excellent things about his services from a family friend, I decided to go ahead and retain his services. He was very clear about exactly what I could do to mitigate the circumstances, and laid out a solid plan for getting my charges reduced to misdemeanors or dismissed including outpatient rehab that I needed anyways, gathering character reference letters from various people in my life, getting my college transcript, and getting evidence of my employment. He instructed me in the proper manner in which to do these things for maximum efficacy, and in the end his intimate knowledge of the law and the local legal landscape as well as his techniques for mitigation proved incredibly fruitful!

    I ended up not having my charges reduced to misdemeanors, but eliminated altogether pending one year of no police interaction. This is absolutely a best-case scenario, and in fact has put me on the correct path in life and shown me that hard work pays off. I was more than happy to pay the rates that Mr. Chazin asked, and it ended up being more than worth it. I would recommend Seth's services to anyone facing serious criminal charges. He is a true, real-life example of getting what you pay for.

  • Knowledgeable, Expedient and Reasonable

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Sexual Harassment client

    Last year I was unfortunate enough to become involved in a situation
    out of my control in which a neighbor assumed a crime, and I was picked up
    by the police and questioned for an hour at a jail before finally being

    At the time I did not know who had wrongfully reported me to the law
    enforcement, so I retained Seth Chazin to represent me.
    By the next day he had already investigated my detention and confirmed that
    the case was closed.
    He told me that it is always best to proactively get out in front of any
    charges, and he was correct.

    I was very pleased with his representation. Now I have peace of mind that
    there is a "go-to" attorney for future reference. Plus, he has stayed in
    touch with me for two years and kept me updated on pertinent legislation and
    relevant blogs.