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Andrew Kevin Jacobson

Andrew Jacobson’s Legal Guides

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  • What Flavor is Your NDA?

    Ah, the conundrums of a child’s summer: butterscotch, or strawberry? Mint chocolate chip, or triple fudge? Cone or cup? Businesses have their less-tasty choices, but they are still there: what flavor

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  • Top Tips for California Employers About, Well, Tips

    California has a long tradition of being employee-friendly: covenants not to compete by employees are unenforceable, and the minimum wage is usually higher in Californiathan that nationally. The same is true for professions with tips, which may be the next hot area of labor law i...

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  • The BSA Is On The Phone: What to Do About Software Licenses

    Would you encourage your employees take a five-fingered discount from the office supply store? Probably not. Would you cheat a hard-working employee by not paying her? Of course not. However, in the press of the Great Recession, software piracy is still prevalent, and lax control...

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  • Silicon Handshake or Hangman's Noose: The NDA’s Opportunities and Risks

    Nondisclosure Agreements ("NDA") are everywhere: a Silicon Valley Don Juan had an NDA ready for every date. However, NDAs are not created equal -- what is good for the discloser is not good for the recipient. The "Silicon Handshake" can become a hangman's noose for the unwary. Qu...

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  • When Your ISP Sends You a Notice That It Will Divulge Your Info in a BitTorrent Lawsuit

    You have received a notice from your Internet Service Provider, or ISP, indicating that you have been sued as a Doe in a bit torrent file sharing lawsuit. What now? Now you need to make some choices about how you want to handle this. But first, some information. 1. What Does This...

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  • Things to Do When You Get a Letter Claiming a Disability Rights Violation

    Sometimes a business will get a letter claiming that the business’ establishment violates laws regarding disability access. With a thousand other issues on the owner’s plate, it is tempting to ignore it and hope it goes away. That would be a mistake. The best way through is to confront it head-on.

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  • A Wellness Program for Your California Business

    Just as your body needs annual wellness checkups, your business does, too. Much of the simple matters can be done by your office, without an lawyer – but if issues turn up, it may be time to check with counsel.

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