Jerome Fishkin

Jerome Fishkin

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After the acceptance speech for the Guardian de Justicia Award from the Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County
JEROME FISHKIN and LINDSAY SLATTER   have been partners since 2006.  

Before 2006, they each had their own law practices, representing attorneys at the State Bar of California.

About Me 

Photo: Jerome Fishkin & Lindsay Slatter.



At Fishkin & Slatter LLP, we represent attorneys in California State Bar defense and advise attorneys on ethics issues.


Along with my partner Lindsay Slatter, and our associate Samuel Bellicini, we specialize in advising and representing other attorneys in professional responsibility matters. Thus we represent attorneys at the State Bar of California, advise attorneys on ethics issues, consult on disqualification motions. We pride ourselves in being practical and efficient.


We do not represent parties in malpractice cases. However, Lindsay Slatter and I are employed as expert witnesses by attorneys who do so.


We also represent law students in moral character applications, and former attorneys seeking reinstatement to the State Bar.


The January 2009 edition of California Lawyer Magazine includes an article on those of us who represent other lawyers in State Bar disciplinary cases, called "Up against the Bar."  The article is online at .


On July 21, 2009, The Recorder carried an article about my MCLE speech to local lawyers on the pitfalls of the mortgage modification practice.  See