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Colleen Clark

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    Posted by Shellby

    I lost the only ones that ever meant anything too me!.

    She did not let me know anything more than to tell me to sit down, take notes, that she can only advise me about the court process, told me to make use of the family self help center to find information and to discover what other reourses were available to me. Any time I would bring up my husbands name, she would cut me off and told me that she would only discuss things that pertained to me and my court proceedings and it was left at that. In court I would try and communicate with her of missinformation given in court, I was told to hush, and it would be dealt with later. She was very angry all the time. She also never had the best intrest of my child in mind or mine. She did nothing to keep CPS from forbiding my husband to talk to me, unless it was a scheduled meeting with our workers. I felt alone, I lacked legal representation, and have since learned things about my parental rights that I was not aware of and is too late to do anything about now. Her lack of caring about me as a client, as a person, and as a mother cost me my rights being abused and loosing my children. Demand a different public defender if you want your kids back!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Rights Were Not Protected!

    Colleen Clark doesn't inform the court that her client did not receive proper service. Colleen Clark handed me my court paperwork and told me to go over it before I got into court. The report from CPS alone is 15 to 20 pages long and is most always loaded with false information. It's impossible for the attorney and the parents to be fully prepared to address the court. The next chance you have to inform her of the mistakes within the report is in court in front of the judge when you should already have your case prepared. I'm not sure, but I believe it would be a conflict of interest for the attorney to hand deliver or serve their client the paperwork for the other side and especially knowing that proper service has already been violated. CPS's attorney wouldn't offer to be so accommodating, they would be sure to make it known to the court of the mistake.

    When I went to meet Colleen Clark for the first time to talk to her about my case she handed me a form letter as soon as I walk through the door. This is a standard form letter that Colleen Clark gives to all her CPS clients whether they are guilty or innocent. Parents should not be asked to follow a case plan or have to corporate with CPS if the parents are not guilty of what they are being accused of? What happened to innocent until proven guilty. This letter is unprofessional, rude, judgmental, and it talks down to the client as if they are guilty.

    The use of the Attorney Client privilege is a new one to me. Why would Colleen Clark need confidentiality protection? It's not her dirty laundry being aired in court, it's the clients information that needs to be protected here. The attorney client privilege is being used by Colleen Clark here in Napa, Ca. in a way that I have never seen it used before. Colleen Clark claims that the attorney client privilege not only protects the client, but it also protects her as well.

    Colleen Clark's client form letter that she hands to her clients appears or implies that Colleen Clark thinks that all her CPS clients meet the following profile: Lacks responsibility, Dishonest, Forgetful, In therapy, Has a drug counselor, Harmful to the child, Commits perjury, Disorganized, and Unworthy of having children.

    I had been appointed Colleen Clark and was handed this letter to read, the letter crushed me. I felt doomed from the start cause whether I was guilty or not, I still had to comply to the case plan, make progress, and satisfy the court in order for me to get my child back. Colleen Clark hands this letter to all her clients before she has heard what they have to say about their case.

    Where in her letter is Colleen Clark representing the parent and their rights? I was handed these documents the same day of my court date in the lobby of the courthouse. Colleen Clark should have brought this fact to the courts attention that her client’s rights had been violated cause they did not receive proper service of their court paperwork, but she doesn't!

    CPS's evidence to take a child out of the home is the CPS's case worker's report to the court. This report is strictly the opinion of the CPS worker and their investigation. There was no signed affidavits from witnesses, no physical evidence was presented, only the word of the CPS worker was entered into evidence. What about having to have physical evidence to back up their allegations of their report? What if the parent is not guilty of the accusations against them? Should a parent be required to participate in a case plan whether they are guilty or not?