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Unlawful Seizure & Unlawful Arrest

Case Conclusion Date: 04.01.2013

Practice Area: Civil Rights

Outcome: $120,000.00 Settlement

Description: Police officers, without a warrant, entered the Plaintiffs' home, refused to leave, unlawfully arrested Plaintiff Letona, and unlawfully effectuated a repossession of a vehicle on behalf of a private repossession company. Plaintiff Letona was released from custody after the car was taken and, fortunately was never charged with a crime. “For me, it’s amazing,” Letona, 53, said. “My attorney really did a good job. I never thought we’d win, but the police made a big mistake to enter my home.” Schmidt, the family’s attorney, said Letona is a former volunteer with the Redwood City Police Department and her son is a Marine who has served in Afghanistan. “She’s like anybody’s neighbor,” Schmidt said. “They are just a regular American family.” Read more here:

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