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Daniel Aaron Horowitz

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Practice focused on Jury Trials, defense of high profile cases, medical fraud, business crimes.  Please also consider contacting the fine attorneys who endorsed me (on this page) - at its best, criminal defense is a brotherhood/sisterhood where we support each other and work together.


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Daniel Horowitz is a national television legal commentator seen on Nancy Grace, Larry King, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and network television.


Charges against physicians and chiropractors have been the focus of the practice the past 7 years. We have handled many high profile criminal cases as well as multiple - million dollar personal injury cases.


We recommend contacting our office for two types of cases. We specialize in complex and difficult cases and cases that are going to trial.


We have extensive business experience and financial expertise.  Our staff also includes a licensed chiropractor, an attorney fluent in Russian and Ukrainian and a diverse group of  aggressive and talented professionals.


We welcome emails from AVVO users.  We support AVVO strongly and believe that AVVO is a useful tool in helping clients differentiate between law firms. (When Horowitz started, most legal advertising was banned and it was virtually impossible to know who was good or who did what type of work.


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