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Lynn Gorelick

Lynn Gorelick’s client reviews

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  • Highly Knowledgable and There For You

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Lynn helped me deal with a situation that had gotten out of hand in the moment, and had the potential to really mess with my future. She was compassionate, calming, and I knew instantly that whatever she told me, I could trust her. She and her whole firm are really wonderful.

    Lynn Gorelick’s response: “Thank you very much. I am always happy to hear that I made life easier for my clients.”
  • A true professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Oscar

    The law office of Lynn Gorelick and staff, are the embodiment of professionalism. I found them all to be very informative, diligent, and accommodating in all aspects. Thank you.

    Lynn Gorelick’s response: “I appreciate you taking the time to send your review. I am humbled by your kind words. I am always happy to assist.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DUI Client

    Lynn got my DUI reduced and helped get my life back on track. She is very professional and helped me and my family through the whole process. I am sincerely grateful for everything she has done.

    Lynn Gorelick’s response: “Thank you for your kind words. I strive to make things easier for my clients.”
  • A great law firm.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by M.

    I believe Attorney Lynn Gorelick resolved my DUI case in a manner most pragmatic given the circumstances. She collaborated with the DA to help minimize the potential damage I could have experienced, advised me as warranted, and kept me informed throughout the process upon demand. In all, I am a satisfied client, and would recommend her to anyone who needs help resolving a DUI case in an informed, pleasant, and pragmatic manner.

    Lynn Gorelick’s response: “I appreciate your review. I am here to help at any time.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ronc2010

    I thought this would not happen to me-but it did. I was stopped by the CHP on a Saturday night in which I had no idea why I was stopped. The officer told me he stopped me because I had crossed a over a solid white line.

    Right away he asked me if had been drinking that evening. I told him I had. He asked me to step out of the car and proceeded to give me the tests that the police give you if they think you have been drinking and driving.

    After administrating to me the tests the officer arrested me and I was taken to
    Santa Rita Jail.

    The next day I was looking for an attorney who speicalized in DUI law. Let me tell you starting from scratch and trying to find a excellent attorney to represent you is not easy. I received a number of advertisments in the mail from DUI attorneys who wanted to represent me in this matter. I also researched a number of attorneys on line and narrowed my choice to three attorneys that I would like to talk to.

    When I first talked to Lynn Gorelick she told me she hoped that I did not need her services – because at that point I had not been charged with anything. She told me that I could go to court on my first hearing date and tell the judge that I am searching for an attorney to represent me. She did not need to be involved at that time.

    About a couple of weeks later things started to get serious as I was charged with drivng a car with a blood alcohol count in excess of .08.

    After being charged I immediately wanted to meet with Lynn. This was the first time in my life that I was involved with the criminal justice system. This was not a traffic ticket. I was being charged with a criminal offense.

    After meeting with Lynn I knew that this was the attorney I needed to represent me in this matter.

    She immediately went to work and through the discovery process recquesting the infornation that the police had in their possession regarding my case. After receivng the information Lynn reviewed the video that the CHP had made during my stop. Lynn felt the DUI charges should have not been filed against me in the first place- as the video showed me driving across a solid white line for only two seconds. Lynn felt that this was not a justified stop by the CHP.

    In a DUI case there are two issues to deal with. One is the criminal charges and the other is the DMV who will suspend your license if your blood alcohol content in your blood exceeds the legal limit.

    Lynn went to my DMV hearing and won a set aside -meaning the DMV did not suspend my license.
    A fantastic result considering I had read that it is very difficult to win a DMV hearing .

    After the DMV win by Lynn, she focused on the criminal charges and sought to have those dismissed.

    Lynn scheduled a hearing for the Judge to hear my case to determine why the DUI charges against me should be dismissed.

    Lynn methodically presented my case to the Judge. After the Judge had heard the presentaion from Lynn and reviewed the video that Lynn had received from the CHP, the Judge dismissed the charges against me. A great, great job by Lynn Gorelick.

    By winning my case , having all charges dismissed Lynn saved me thousands of dollars in fines, the expense of DUI school, increased insurance rates, probation period and having a DUI conviction on my record. But the biggest win that day for me was peace of mind. This issue was behind me thanks to the efforts of an outstanding attorney Lynn Gorelick.

    If you find your self in a situation like mine you will need an excellent attorney to to represent you. Give Lynn Gorelick a call. She defintely will help you. Lynn knows the law.

    Lynn Gorelick’s response: “This was hard fought. In the end, justice prevailed. Thank you for the review.”
  • thank you lynn

    5.0 stars

    Posted by jonathan

    Lynn is one hack of a lawyer. She got my case reduced and license back after my DUI incident . If you need a good lawyer give her a call .

    Lynn Gorelick’s response: “Many thanks for the review. I appreciate the opportunity to have assisted you !”
  • Best Attorney In Bay Area for DUI!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I was horrified of a night in jail with two charges against me- I only thought it would be the end of my reputation and nobody could help. I was wrong. Lynn and her staff made me feel like their single most precious client and were always available. Lynn knows the players, the system and the right way to handle a case. She even appeared for me when I was ill. My outcome was literally life changing and my charges were reduced (one actually not guilty). My reputation was left intact. Lesson learned but without Lynn I know I would have been thrown to the wolves. I am very grateful.

    Lynn Gorelick’s response: “I am glad that I was able to assist you. I am always available to help you !”
  • Lynn is calm, professional, experienced, confident, and positive!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I received my first (and last!) DUI while driving home after 2 glasses of wine. I was arrested for the first time in my life, spent the night in a country jail, and missed the next day of teaching in my 4th grade classroom.... as a 'no show'. I was not only completely embarrassed by the whole experience, but disoriented, confused, shocked, and traumatized. I received a plethora of brochures and advertisements for DUI lawyers to help me fight my case in court and DMV hearing. I didn’t even think I needed or wanted a lawyer, and that this whole thing shouldn’t have happened. I called many lawyers, had phone consultations, and thoroughly read all of their materials. Many of the lawyers were knowledgable, but sounded like they were repeating jargon and insisting I hire them as a lawyer to fight my case through court and the DMV hearing. Most were aggressive and affordable. This is what I thought I wanted.... but felt uneasy. I then found Lynn Gorelick who was like a breath of fresh air. She was much more expensive then the rest, but was honest, transparent, and advised me well. She patiently coached me through defending myself in court, because the case was most likely going to be dropped due to its low BAC%. Indeed it was. At that point, I felt like Lynn was trustworthy and had my best interest; as well as her time, in mind - not money. However, the fight was not over. I still had the DMV hearing creeping up. My BAC% came back over the .08% limit and I was destined to lose my license. I then hired Lynn to defend me during my DMV hearing process, which lasted nearly 6 months. The moment I made this decision, I knew it was the right choice! Lynn and her assistants kept me informed, diligently took over my case, followed through with hearing procedures, and simply took the reins from there. Lynn and her staff are all calm, professional, experienced, confident, and positive! The money was WELL worth spent! I got my license back and I never had to appear at a hearing. She is DEFINITELY the lawyer you want to go with if you want peace after a DUI arrest.

  • Knowing what I know today, I would still go with Lynn 100%

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    By some luck, I found Lynn's number the morning I was released. I was in a state of complete bewilderment, and Lynn helped me to regain my bearings. From there, she helped me to win my DMV hearing, and get my charges reduced to a wet/reckless. She took care of the entire process, and her services were well worth the cost.

  • She saved my license ,embarrassment

    5.0 stars

    Posted by willie 10/22/13

    IF you ever make a mistake of driving drunk, this the lawyer you wanna call.She saved my license "CDLA".She's expensive but worth it trust me.
    Good luck .