I had obtained an employment consulting contract from a company. It had very complex legal language and issues. The employment agency said it was open to edit the legal language of the contract.

I wanted a lawyer to review it and suggest changes to the wordings to protect my interests.

I discussed this with Attorney McMorrow on the phone and scheduled an appointment with him. I was asked to pay a fees of $200 up front by check.

Attorney McMorrow spent about 10 minutes with me in a conference room and said that the legal document can be changed and all I have to do was to tell the agency what to change.

He refused to read through the document (he said it was too long and I can't afford to hire him to read the document) and to make changes, it would cost a lot of money.

He suggested I read the document and make the changes myself and sent me out.

I was jaded by the whole experience. As I was driving back home, I received a phone call from my bank (within 5 minutes of leaving his office) that Attorney McMarrow was presenting the check I issued to him and asked me if I issued it.

I said "yes" - I wasn't thinking clearly about disputing the fees. The check was cashed 5 minutes within me leaving the office.

Beware of this attorney. He is not trust worthy and takes you for a ride. I am out of $200.