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Lorna Margo Jaynes

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  • A Highly Recommended Professional for help with a Divorce through Collaborative Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deb

    Divorce is never ideal and an incredible hardship on families, I can honestly say that after living through it. If I had felt there was any other way for reconciliation, I never would have considered it, but after that decision had been made, I found myself looking for the next step.

    After hearing that there was an alternative to being a docket number in a traditional, drug out, expensive, process for divorce through the court system, I began a search through Google for Collaborative Law and found Lorna's name. After talking with her, I found her incredibly supportive and informative from the onset. That continued well after the last document was signed. I always felt that she had my best interests at heart while maintaining what was best and fair for the whole family. Never being through this before, she provided the legal experience and knowledge that I needed because, honestly, I just didn't always know what I was legally entitled to. I found that she always kept me informed of where we were in the process. She was very approachable if I had a question and, equally as important, she answered promptly which was very much appreciated. It did a lot to relieve the anxiety that just comes with the territory. I would have to admit that I was not always an effective speaker through the process and there were times where my mind drew blanks, but because Lorna had taken the time to get to know me, my voice was heard through her and she was able to put into words what I wasn't always able to do for myself. I don't think that my case could have been settled any better than it was with Lorna and certainly not as fast. She was exactly who I needed at that time and I'm grateful that I Googled Collaborative Law and found her.

    I can't discuss the value of finding Lorna without discussing the benefits of Collaborative Law for anyone that may be searching right now. The process of Collaborative Law provided a means for divorce in a nontraditional way. It is a process where issues can be discussed and unraveled across a table with the help and guidance of specifically and specially trained Collaborative Attorneys who keep the discussions on point, fair and productive. It differs from mediation in that each spouse retains a Collaborative Attorney. It also provides a way for you and your children, through referred Licensed Family Counselors, to have a voice in the custody plan instead of being told what that will be by a Judge who doesn't know your family. That was a driving force for me.

  • Not recommended

    1.0 star

    Posted by Chelsea

    This lawyer is biased towards men, in my opinion. We used her as a mediator and ended the process since she was unable to provide fair and unbiased results. Inspite of compelling evidence in front of her, she chose to side with the male party.

    We hired our own lawyers and we accomplished what she failed to deliver.

    I will not recommend this lawyer if there are issues to be resolved. She can write all documents if both parties are in consensus over the terms before mediation starts.