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Eliz C A Johnson

About Eliz Johnson

About me

I am the Daughter of an attorney and knew that this is what I always wanted to do.  I made a point to get an LL.M in Taxation after my law degree to better understand the various tax implications of estate planning and law.  I volunteer for the terminally ill in estate planning and tax matters and have for a few groups for 23 years or more.  One of my cases involved a wretched case of Elder Abuse and I pursued it for 7 years, 1997-2005.  I took it personally and stood up for Harold because no one else would.  Elder Abuse is pernicious and not to be tolerated.  In addition, I work with Special Needs Trusts to protect potential assets of those with special needs. It is a big part of what motivates me.

I was raised in San Francisco but went to High School here in Danville, where I now live with my family.  I have listed some litigation cases to show my general experience but they were cases that were filed so were public record.  On the other hand, my estate planning clients are very important to me. Their privacy and confidentiality are critical to me so you will not see me list the many cases or estate plans I have done because I will not 'name names' for better publicity or scores.  Their privacy, like yours, is more important.

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