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David Wayne Moyer

David Moyer’s client reviews

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  • Honest, clear, team player - BEST DARN ATTORNEY EVER

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marca

    I'm embarrassed to say that I was going to write this review months ago and did not. Why????? Well Mr. David Moyer and his team would not put something off like I did. Let me explain:

    I was working with an attorney in Washington State (where I live) and we needed to work with an attorney in California (where my auto accident was and Mr. Moyer had his team are).

    I was not very happy with my Washington attorney, dragging his feet, uncelar (at least to me). Let's just say we wre NOT on the same page, years working with him.

    Mr. Moyer and his staff (I love Bonnie!!) and just great business people that happen to be a great legal office.

    No Bull crap here, Dave Moyer tells you like it is, that is how I like to do business. He reached a settlement with the other pary prety quickly and all parties were satisfied.

    I'm glad I don't need Mr. Moyer and his team any longer, but would recommend them to anybody!

  • David Moyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nozer

    I was a pedestrian hit by a careless underinsured driver in Monterey, California, where I was visiting. This resulted in hospitalization in Monterey and then surgery in Washington, DC (the area where I live). Dave Moyer was highly recommended to me by another highly ranked lawyer. The recommendation turned out to be an outstanding one.

    Since the careless offender was underinsured (she only had $15,000 of insurance) I had to rely on my own insurance for launching an additional underinsured claim. On my own, I would have pursued a lawsuit against the offender's assets and would have settled for costs against my own insurance. Dave advised me against suing the offender for more than her $15,000 insurance policy on grounds that the exercise would be futile and then said something which hit the nail on the head. He said that "now we have to be an adversary against your own insurance company" and he pursued the claim from all possible angles. Dave's genius, at least to me, was that he came up with angles that I was completely unaware of, and managed to secure from the offender's insurance as well as mine the maximum possible settlement one could hope for. Dave's angles were very imaginative, very honest, and not at all frivolous. Thus I classify them as being an act of genius. Dave left no stone unturned on my behalf. There is little more I need say on Dave's competence as an attorney.

  • David Moyer is the ONLY representation you should seek!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by nick

    I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident by being hit by another driver. I was rushed to the hospital unaware of the procedure or the process of how to handle an injury accident. My surmounting medical bills from the ER room, various doctors, prescriptions, and physical therapy all needed to be paid, and my college job would not cover them.

    I called David Moyer and explained my situation. I was a little unsure as never having spoken to a lawyer in regards to this matter, but he quickly put me at ease and explained the process, and reviewed all my records in detail. The insurance company indicated making a small settlement to make me happy, but he advised that we decline their original offer and negotiate a higher amount. Their original offer was barely enough to cover my bills and treatments. Truly some of the best advice I ever received, as we settled on an amount for over 6 times (seriously) what I was originally going to get!

    Reading these words cannot explain my sincerity and gratitude towards Mr. Moyer and what he did for me. I would gladly take ANY call from ANYONE who is looking for representation, and share my story to them as proof of Mr. Moyer’s professional, experience, and effectiveness in handling my case.

    Best Regards,

    Nick G
    Oakland, CA

  • If you have been involved in an accident, you need Dave Moyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Dave Moyer did an amazing job for me in resolving my claims for an auto accident where I was hit from behind by a truck.
    Before I hired him, I spent almost two years trying to get the insurance company adjusters to pay for my medical expenses.  News flash:  They don’t take you seriously when you try to do it yourself!  They were basically trying to run out the statute of limitations while leading me on and offering me a small fraction of my medical costs.  Dave spent time with me understanding my situation, then went to work immediately and diligently, working with the insurance adjusters, appearing in court, and eventually getting the insurance company to settle and cough up over 4 times what they originally offered me – AFTER deducting his fee!  Hiring Dave was the best thing I could have done!

  • Honest representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebecca

    Dave represented our family in two separate cases ( a medical malpractice case and an auto accident case). He represented us years ago in the medical malpractice death of our daughter. We were young and inexperienced; he was helpful and advised us in what was best for us, and we recieved a favorable settlement. Fast forward ten years and we needed representation for a head on collision that Michael had been in. Michael had several operations and a long recovery that ended in permanet disability. Dave was always patient and always had the time to answer any question that had come up. This case ended with a very large settlement which was best for us . We recommeded Dave to everyone that is in need of an excellent, honest and sincere lawyer in a time of distress.