I have a boutique Interior and Event Design Business. I've had a few projects here and there each year, but now that my friends have started to refer my services to more people that I didn't have personal relationships with, I started to worry about the contract language that I had piecemeal together through NOLO.

I knew that it was time to get serious about protecting myself. I thought. "How can I expect new clients to take me seriously if I don't have a serious contract?" Jeff Miller was referred to me by a friend and I couldn't be happier with his services. He reviewed my contract within the time frame agreed upon. He really cared about my business and crafted a contract that suited my needs (not a rushed generic contract), and he was willing to answer all of my million questions to put my mind at ease. His knowledgeable and charismatic nature really helped calm my nerves. I very much appreciated being treated like family, which is the way that I treat my clients. He really knows his stuff. I'd refer him over and over again!