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  • About to file a personal injury claim in Small Claims Court - I do no have the defendant's address at this time

    Do I have to list his address on the complaint? I have to do investigative work to find his address. Can I just list his name and amend later to add his address? The SOL is expiring soon and I need to file. I was involved in a low-impact car acc...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Obviously, it would be best if you could find his address, but if you cannot, you should file the complaint with all the information you have available - you do not want the statute of limitations to run out (that is: 2 years from the date of the accident). After you file the complaint, you will need to find the defendant in order to serve him the complaint, otherwise, the court will not hear your claim. You can find more information on the Department of Consumer Affairs website: Good luck!

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  • No t sure if I need an attorney need an attorney . I was injured at work yard,but I'm currently off work due to work injury.

    off from work but got injured at work yard.

    Christopher’s Answer

    If you were injured while performing your job duties, then you should begin by asking your employer for the forms you need to start a worker's compensation claim. Your employer is required to provide you these forms by law. Fill them out and start the claims process. If your employer refuses, or if you were not injured while at work, then you will need to consult a lawyer.

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  • While we were separated, my husband rented a room to a woman who owns a bull mastiff. Dog tried to attack me during 1st contact.

    Husband pulled the dog off and the dog bit him. Husband recently died. Gave tenant 30 days notice to vacate, effective 8/31. Dog attempted to attack my daughter yesterday. Did not bite her, but left scratches on her shoulder & back. I requested do...

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    You have no legal obligation to allow your renter to keep that dangerous dog. As a lawyer, I am concerned that you could be liable for injuries if you do let the dog into your home and it then injures someone. But worse still, imagine how you would feel if someone, especially a child, were hurt by this animal. You may rightly feel bad for the dog owner, but it is far better that you tell her that the dog must go (and she must go too) than for you to give that dog another chance to harm someone in your home.

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