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Andrew Ronald Gillin

Andrew Gillin’s Legal Guides

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  • State by State Driving Laws

    Here is a list of state-by-state regulations to help you learn about your own state’s laws. Overall, we found that the national trend is moving toward stricter graduated license laws for teen drivers, and heightened regulations against distracted driving.

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  • Navigating Disclosure Issues in Settlement Agreement Drafting Process

    The Fair Employment and Housing Act (Government Code Section 12940 et seq.) permits claims of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, racial discrimination, retaliation and other related assertions arising in the employment setting. When such an action is settled, the tendency of...

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  • Practicality the Key to winning Personal Injury Cases

    There are some things every lawyer should keep in mind when evaluating a personal injury cases, and figuring out how to win it. Here are some of the JURISDICTION AND VENUE A lawyer representing an injured person in California (or the family of someone killed in an accident) is ...

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  • Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in California

    Personal injury cases are bound by what are called the Statute of Limitations, or the limits on the conditions under which a case can be filed. Often, these have to do with the amount of time between when an accident takes place and when a suit is filed.

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