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Andrew Ronald Gillin

Andrew Gillin’s Legal Guides

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  • GJEL Legal Dictionary

    A rundown of definitions of some commonly used words in the legal profession and their meaning in plain English. 3rd Party Insurance An agreement to cover a loss resulting from the insureds liability to a third party, such as a loss incurred by a driver who injures a pedes...

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  • Timeline of a Typical Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Medical Recovery; Attorney Research The victim decides whether to hire a law firm, and/or which firm to hire. This process can take as little as a few days, or may take months. In California, all law

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  • Guidance for Car Accident Victims: Hiring a Lawyer or Taking on Your Own Case

    Andy Gillin, one of California's preeminent auto accident and personal injury lawyers, discusses the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer after an accident versus representing one's self.

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  • Checklist: What to Do in a Car Accident

    The Parties Involved The first thing to do in the event of an accident is to make sure that anyone who is injured receives the medical care he or she needs. Once it’s clear that everyone has been hel

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