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Traci Michelle Hinden

About Traci Hinden

About me

I come from a large family of attorneys. I can proudly say that we all fight the fight for the underdogs. We all became lawyers, because we wanted to help people, and I am proud that I remain true to that creed. Our firm's mission is protect the rights of employees, to fight for those harmed in personal injuries, and to represent medical providers in the DWC or WCAB. Our practice focuses primarily on (1) plaintiff's side employment and civil rights litigation (which includes, harassment, retaliation, and discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex, pregnancy, disability, marriage, denial of leave to care for self or another, and veteran status), as well as housing, defamation, and privacy matters, (2) catastrophic personal injuries, and (3) representation of medical providers in the workers compensation system. Please NOTE- WE DO NOT REPRESENT INJURED WORKERS in their Workers Compensation cases, just the medical providers.

 Ms. Hinden is a certified as a mediator. She became certified after completing a course offered by Ron Kelly which was presented by the Bar Association of San Francisco and Co-Sponsored by the Alameda, Contra Costa and San Mateo County Bar Associations, and the ADR Sections of Marin and Sonoma County Bar Associations. She is available to handle all types of disputes. Please inquire with us for rates and specifics.

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