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Karl William Krooth

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  • Hi there, is an arrest for battery 242pc, a crime involving moral turpitude ?

    I'm travelling to the US in march 2013, but was arrested in 2005, for battery 242pc. The case was dismissed from court, so no conviction or charge. For the visa waiver documentation I have to answer 'yes' or 'no' to whether I've been arrested ...

    Karl’s Answer

    A battery under California Penal Code section 242 may rise to a crime involving moral turpitude if the victim is among a protected class that the law deems particularly vulnerable or particularly worthy of extra protection or if the offense led to particularly-egregious harm. The easiest examples of protected classes are in Penal Code section 243: law enforcement officers, teachers, bus drivers, and those with whom the arrested party has a domestic relationship or shares blood. The easiest example of particularly-egregious harm is 243(d): "when serious bodily injury is inflicted..."

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