James E Dunn

James E Dunn

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Write Up of Supreme Court Victory for DUI Drivers

About Me 

I care about my clients.  Gerry Spence, the greatest living trial lawyer, teaches that we have to love our clients just to stand a fighting chance in a justice system that offers little justice.  If we don't care about our clients, why would a judge or jurors care about them.  Fortunately, you can always find something to love in everyone.

I have to thank Gerry and all of the faculty of the Trial Lawyers College for establishing and growing the only institution that really trains you to be as good as you can be; it is their training that has made me as effective as I am, and I strive to get better and better.

I have often described defending a person against the vast machine we call "The People" is like beating your head against a wall until something breaks.  More often than you'd think, it turns out to be the wall.