Douglas Chaikin was hired for simple IP work. Simple, yet he does not honor Attorney - Client confidentiality nor does he own up that his mistakes cost you $1000's to correct. If you call him on it, he immediately dismisses your signed fee and arbitration agreement and files suit just to waste your time and further demonstrate his unethical treatment and practice. He routinely sent our Confidential IP information to people not associated or his client, so if it is secrecy you want and require, he doesn't follow that basic, sworn to protect vow.
A bully isn't quite right, as he isn't tough physically, he's a legal bully that seeks legal terror tactics that the State Bar needs to sort out. I'd love to say he was good, I just can't as he proved to be a horrible choice for something as important as your idea, vision and dreams. Other than that, he was unprofessional at best. Choose someone else, I wish I did.