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Richard Eric Anthony Dwyer

About Richard Dwyer

About me

I have handled complex, multi-million dollar divorce cases against some of the better known divorce attorneys in the Bay Area.  I have also handled a delicate negotiation involving a high profile professional athlete in a federal case in which my client -- the other party -- was very pleased with the outcome.  


But I am most proud of helping those in smaller cases who need help enforcing their rights in family law, litigation or bankruptcy matters.  Some of my clients have been with me for several years and have had me represent them on multiple matters.  I appreciate their trust.


I recently won a several day restraining order trial on behalf of a battered woman against a well funded and highly positioned Silicon Valley executive.  Good legal research, preparation and argument can level an uneven playing field.


Contact us at 650 248 8601 so that we can help you enforce your rights.  Whether it is a complex divorce or a simple litigation trial, we'll fight for you.

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