Mrs. Wegner didn't even try to get my charges dropped despite clearly knowing they were wrongfully filed. She shared confidential information. She failed to return original documents to me, claiming that she mailed them to me several times and they were returned by the postal service. Was rude, yelled at me, and tried to intimidate me when I contacted another attorney to try to get her to respond to my calls and retrieve my records. Never contacted me to pick up my records when the postal service didn't deliver them these multiple times. Told me the retainer was payable to her, had me make the check out to a different agency, claimed she waived my retainer, then two months later the check was cashed. Was dishonest with me from the very beginning. Was not at all interested in getting my charges dropped, more interested in helping the district relieve their liability. Claimed the district was represented and that they wouldn't talk to her, but played a message from the assistant superintendent over the phone while I was on the line.