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  • How can i know if i have a lawsuit against me from a retailer?

    There is people looking for me in my previous address stating they are from FBF and that i have a file # they left there number. So i called them they told me i still had a chance to settle out of court since i hadnt been summoned my option was If...

    Scott’s Answer

    1- Do you owe the money?
    2- Is it a consumer debt?
    3- Now that they know where you are are they still going ot the old address?
    If your answers to 2 and 3 are "yes" and "yes" then you may have a nice claim for unfair debt collection.
    Look up Robert Stempler or Bob Brennan or Stephanie Tatar, all of who handle this type of claim and do so well. Say hello for me.

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  • Can I cancel used car sale deal because of misguide and wrong information?

    I bought a used car from a dealer. When I checked the car, gas tank was showing empty and because of that we couldn’t take a test drive. Then, I decided to buy the car and signed contract. I picked up the car and took it to gas station next door b...

    Scott’s Answer

    #autofraud #lemonlaw

    Your question truly points out a number of important dangers:
    1- If you are a consumser (or a business) you must ALWAYS have the vehicle inspected PRIOR to purchase, just like you would if you buy a home;
    2- You CAN cancel the deal, but, since the overwhelming majority of used car dealers will not just agree to cancel the deal, the reality of life, compared to the "theory" of law, is unlikely to travel the same path.

    So, despite asking a good question, there is no one single answer to your situation, as legal twists and truns combined with real life concerns in dealing with what is likely to be a crook with a license to steal, can be tough. You'll need to get a consultation from an auto fraud / lemon law attorney asap. Most will do the initial document review at no charge.

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  • Can I sell a car that was put under my name by someone else ?

    My parents put 3 cars under my name. I want to know if i can sell them and not really have any legal issues. My name is the only one on the tittle.... say they'd want to switch them back, they wouldn't be able to unless I signed them back rite ???...

    Scott’s Answer

    There is obviously a lot more to this story. I recommend discussing this with your parents.

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  • Car dealer said the car I bought has had a part replaced before purchase when it hasn't. Small claims? Fraud? Something else?

    I recently bought a car that I was told contained a brand new part installed in it. This part would drastically affect the value and usability of the car, and I made my purchasing decision based on that information. I have now found out that the...

    Scott’s Answer

    It may be helpful to know what the part is, why it's important to you, and what it's worth.

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  • Do i need a bussiness attorney?

    I started a project for a Friend with hopes of creating a custom automobile company. I worked on the project until the friend Had no longer provided the resources to finish the project . It sat at my house for 33 years. I tried to return the car t...

    Scott’s Answer

    It would be interesting to find out what transpired between you two in that time frame.

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  • How can I get documents regarding my car proving car dealer fraud without lawsuit?

    11/2014 I got into an accident with my 08 Audi (not at fault, damages ~$5300). Throughout the insurance claim I found out that my car was in another major accident (03/2011, damages ~$4500, including frame). The at fault party's insurance had thi...

    Scott’s Answer

    Most insurance companies use a thing called a CLUE report. YOUR insurance company should provide this to you and also answer as to WHY they charged you premiums for a car that had not been in an accident instead of charing you less. Why would you not want to bring a lawsuit against the dealer who put your life and other lives in danger?

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  • OHIO LEMON LAW- Does a manufacturer have to offer me total amount including negative equity when buying back?

    My car has been in the shop for over a week. The dealership cannot fix it and Chrysler engineers are coming to evaluate. I know I do not meet the 30 day requirement for the lemon law, so should I wait the 30 days before filing or should the manufa...

    Scott’s Answer

    You've been lucky enough to get direction from one of the best lemon law attorneys not only in OH but in the US. Take it and run with it. Good luck..

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  • How can I return a used car if I didn't buy the cooling off period I bought it in California a few days ago and it's causing

    Problems already

    Scott’s Answer

    You need to have all sales documents and repair orders or estimates reviewed by a lemon law and auto fraud attorney.

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  • Bad title car

    This is what happened. I bought a car with a clean title. But the car turn to be a salvage title when i wrnt to the dmv. Besides that i couldnt even register the car because i needed a bill of sale from the original seller wich was not the person ...

    Scott’s Answer

    Tough spot as no one can sell something they do not own. Here, having title is key to ownership. Since it's $2,000.00 and you have all of this history of ownership already, I would take it to small claims court and as suggested, sue all in the chain of title to see what shakes out.

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  • I believe I'm being extorted by the car lot I purchased from over my bad reviews do I have a case?

    I purchased a car from a small car lot and went to get an estimate of any problems and it was $3,500.00 worth of them. We took the car back when the lot opened back up they said its as is and that my invoice is "B.S." and said they can do a balanc...

    Scott’s Answer

    What dealer is doing is conversion (civil stealing) of your property and money. Dealer simply cannot legally keep both money and car, that's basic. What burns me up about this situation is if you took a wrench from dealer, you would be in the slammer quick. We need to treat businesses just like people, after all, the US Supreme court says they are people, right? But, I digress...

    This may even be extortion?

    For now, if you were to get back your money, that may be a good result. Make sure to ONLY communicate with dealer in writing and keep copies of all writings. Get in touch with a consumer protection firm who handles lemon law and auto fraud.

    Good luck

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