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Eileen M Avila

About Eileen Avila

About me


          Eileen M. Coughlan Avila’s practice of law began in 1982, when she did general litigation and managed case litigation for the federal government.  After the birth of her son in 1993, Eileen decided to devote her practice solely to family law.  She became a certified family law practitioner through the California Board of Legal Specialization in 2001.  Her practice is 100% devoted to family law and mediation.


            Although her family law practice was first devoted to litigation and uncontested cases, over time Eileen has devoted more of her practice to mediation and negotiation.  She is a certified mediator through the University of California Extension Program.  In recent years, she has also been extensively trained in collaborative law and makes use of this training whenever possible in her cases.


            Eileen strives to fully understand her client’s perspective and although she provides rational advice based on the law, she prides herself on being accessible to her clients.  When a client is in crisis, she will be there for that client.  She works well helping clients to form support networks, including interacting with other family members when appropriate and needed, helping to retain psychotherapists, CPAs, financial experts, vocational and custody evaluators, and other professionals as needed.


            As a first generation American and having married into a Hispanic family, Eileen embraces cultural diversity and always works to be sensitive to a family’s culture.  She is also sensitive to clients' psychological issues and disabilities when these are concerns in their family law case.