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Debra Vaniman Crawford

About Debra Crawford

About me

We believe in helping people help themselves.  Having a legal case is very difficult and we help you make informed decisions about your case by helping you to understand the law and the legal process. We explain your options so that you can decide what is the best way to proceed in your particular situation.   

We provide a free one-half hour consultation to help you make important legal decisions. We provide the full range of  legal services from aggressive litigation, to mediation, to document preparation, and coaching.  Let us help you decide what is best for you!

We are also very well experienced in dealing with difficult people.  We can help you create good boundaries to make dealing with a difficult person easier.  

Debra underwent a divorce a few years ago and understands the challenges faced by a person being divorced.  This has helped her gain a deeper understanding of what you are going though.  She has remarried and is now facing the challenge of raising children and working with her former husband.  

She is also facing the extreme challenge of a difficult former wife of her husband. She has had to obtain a 3-year Civil Harassment Restraining Order against this woman. Debra knows first hand what it is like to have your life exposed to the public in a case and she can help you through your case.  

She can help with your situation!  

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