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Rick Horowitz

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  • Got us an excellent judgment!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gilbert

    I have quite a substantial experience with lawyers in civil matters. This time, I needed to find a criminal defense attorney for a negligent firearm discharge, a serious felony case. Rick's office took the info over the phone, and within hours Rick called me back. We quickly discussed the situation in further details and I hired him to meet with the defendant at the County jail. After two days, Rick called me back. After a lengthy discussion, I hired him to represent the defendant. During the case, Rick was always responsive to our communication, and he would take ample time discussing the matter. He came prepared to the court hearings, he knew what was going on and what was the applicable law (very important!). His office staff was friendly and helpful. The case did not go to trial, a settlement was reached with the judge and DA after a few hearings.

  • Trusted and Knowledgeable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Was very impressed with the "Master of Motions", explained himself very thoroughly and was meticulous in his preparations for court. Was amazed with how knowledgeable he was and if he was unsure he researched the topic extensively until he knew it in and out. Was extremely satisfied with the outcome, would hire to represent me again in a heartbeat... just hope that's not necessary.

  • Rick Fights for Your Rights

    5.0 stars

    Posted by CEF

    If you want someone that knows his job and will fight for your rights, Rick Horowitz is the lawyer for you.
    Rick was there for my son (and myself) at a time and place we never thought we would be.
    Rick was honest, caring and worked hard to see that my son's rights were upheld.
    This experience was a rude awaking for us both. The law is not the law. But we both felt confident that Rick would do his very best in representing my son, and he did !
    Rick Horowitz is a strong believer in your/our rights. He is the one you want in your corner if you find yourself fighting for your life/and your rights.
    Thank you again Rick ! !

  • Best Attorney In Fresno

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Identity Theft client

    Mr. Horowitz was honest from the first meeting I had with him. They say the truth hurts, and indeed it does. He was straight forward and didn't sugar coat anything. HE NEVER MAKES ANY PROMISES!! Everything he said could happen, happened. It was tough and very stressful at times. Things didn't always go the way "I" planned but the end result was what I wanted. I always felt he cared about me and the situation I was in. He always asked about my family and children. And I always felt it was sincere. After about a year of working with Rick I can start to put this nightmare behind me. I recommend this attorney to all my family and friends.

  • Great lawyer, very pleased with results. He knows the juvenile system.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Juvenile client

    Rick did a great job representing our son. He is very knowledgeable about the juvenile court system which is very important! He listened and took on a case that involved a new law, so no one had background on how it should be handled. He did a lot of research for the case and was able to prove our point in court. I hope I never need an attorney in the future, but if I did I'd call Rick.

  • Rick, you the man!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a State & Local Law client

    Motocyclists and drivers in CA you gotta hire this man! He told me how to respond (or not!) to the cops. He knows that the cops wanna trip you up. When they wanna "talk to you to clear up a matter" they're just trying to collect evidence against you. Don't fall for it, call Rick!

    CHP was trying to nail me for "unlawfully registering a motor vehicle in another state". Rick explained my rights and gave me the advice I needed to avoid a citation and and related fines and fees.

    Don't let the cops hang your scalp in their tent. Call Rick!

    Rick Horowitz’s response: “I am totally appreciative of this comment. At the same time, this was kind of a "one off" thing, in that I normally won't get involved in Vehicle Code issues. This individual was being threatened by an out-of-control CHP officer, who rightly should have his badge taken from him. That's what caused me to take the case. Normally, a Vehicle Code issue is not significant enough to justify the cost of hiring me. Again, it was this out-of-control officer who caused me to take an interest in this.”
  • I would and do recommend all my friends and family to Rick Horowitz, an outstanding lawyer that cares.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    When I was arrested Rick was on the phone with the sherrif transporting me to the jail by the time I got there. The sherrif pulled over and handed me the phone, I couldn't believe it. Rick advised me not to say anything and that he would come to the jail to see me. Hours after bieng booked they let me talk to my attorney, he had been waiting the whole time at the jail. It was around 1:30 AM. My charges were dismissed a couple months later but in that time Rick did a fantastic job of keeping me informed and out of trouble. He understands, He just gets it, and He fought hard for me. When the judge finally dismissed my case he followed his ruling with a few words for the D.A. I would be proud to recommend Rick to any of my friends or family. In fact I have on numerous occasions. Not only did Rick get my case dismissed he helped me get my family back together and we have been happy ever since. Thats one of the things that makes him different from the rest, He cares and helped me personally in my life and not just in court. I just can't say enough about him. I admire him, look up to him, and appreciate him more than you could ever know. The only way to know how great he is at his job and as a human bieng is to hire him. To this day every year on Christmas Eve Rick puts on a Santa suit, comes to my families home and passes out presents to all the young kids. Rick is some kind of man, let him fight for you and you'll see just how good and caring he is. I carry his business card in my wallet in case I ever get in trouble. There are some words on the back and all you have to do is hand that card to an officer and your rights are protected. Ask him for one, it is a great tool to have. In summary, He came to the jail in the middle of the night, got my case thrown out, helped put my family back together, and the D.A. in a little hot water. What a guy. I am forever gratefull!

  • went from looking at a year in police custody to a free man with all charges dropped!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    In May of 2011 I was pulled over by two police officers, shotguns pulled on me and placed under arrest. The officers were accusing me of running a stop sign, which was not there. Also of evading police officers, which is a serious crime. Rick was very helpful at making sure I knew my rights and doing everything to help.

    We had to go to court several times in the case where there were a few different district attorneys but Rick was very persistant and continued to fight for me. The district attorneys were trying to give me a year in custody but just this last month in February of 2012 at my pre trial hearing Rick managed to get all the charges dropped.

    I highly reccommend Rick Horowitz to anyone needing a criminal defense lawyer. I was really surprised that at every turn in this case Rick was there to point out the flaws in the DA's case causing them to keep changing representatives and try another avenue. Thanks to Rick they all failed.

  • Rick should be the first Criminal Defense Attorney you call

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher

    Rick is a great lawyer. He goes out of his way to research and find the best solution for wahtever problem you may have. I was charged with a misdemeanor and Rick was able to get the charges dropped without having to go to trial. It was a very frustrating time in my life, but Rick was able to put my mind at ease with his professionalism and his caring. I do not know what I would have done had it not been for Rick. I cannot recommend him enough. If you EVER need a criminal defense attorney, make sure Rick Horowitz is at the top of your list to call!

  • This is the SECOND time he saved my life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicholas

    In march of 2011 i was told i was under arrest and to put my hands behind my back. before anyone else even knew Rick called me and told me not to worry and advised me of some rights that the police failed to. (i still dont know how he knew i needed him, but damn thats awesome!)

    He not only handled my criminal case with enough ferocity that the other attornies in the room actually said that the highlight of there day was watching Rick run circles around the prosecution, but he handled my FAMILY case as well because he believed that the two could help eachother. He won them both. at the same time. I have no convivtions on my record, and yet i have been arrested twice and both times have looked at serious prison time. He has kept the DA's from prying what little rights i had left away from me, though they tried.

    Dont walk into a court room without Rick Horowitz.

    Rick Horowitz’s response: “I should note that I am not clairvoyant. A relative called to notify me that the client was in custody. Since I had represented him before, I knew how to reach him on his cell phone and did so to remind him that he had the right to remain silent and should do so. ;)”