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Kathleen Bakergumprecht-Davies’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Great Attorney... Really smart!

    I hired Kathleen for my child custody case at the beginning of this year, she heard my issues and addressed all of my concerns. Surprisingly she took a mellow approach to getting everything I asked for and was able to actually get me and my ex to have better communication through co parenting. It was like getting two services for the price of one... My first thought of attorneys and court were what I seen on television, but Kathleen explained the differences between reality, what I see on television, the Internet or hear say. It was nice to just have my questions answered even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear, it was the truth. In the end I was very pleased. Also her staff always was really nice and offered snacks everytime I came into the office. Lol I can never turn down cookies!

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Mariah

    Wonderful attorney for jurisdiction issues!

    Kathleen was a great attorney during my case! I was stuck in New York with my kids with jurisdiction in Cali... In no time I was on my way back with my kids away from an abusive ex husband! At one point in time, my ex had taken and disappeared with my kids. She took this extremely serious and gave me her cell number in case an actual emergency happened again!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Former Client

    Horrible Attorney - Go Elsewhere!

    Worst. Attorney. Ever.
    She made several mistakes in my case and dragged it on for two years without any resolution. I was double-billed for time that her paralegal, Bear, consulted with her (which was often) and the bill was ridiculously high, without any results to show for it. I did not feel she advocated for my case whatsoever. She is continually 'on vacation' in Washington at her vacation home. She does not take phone calls but requires you to make an appointment to speak with her which results in higher fees. Dealing with her was a complete nightmare! Ultimately, I fired her, retained a different attorney, and my case was resolved within months due to the work of the new attorney (who had to undo some of the problems created by Kathleen.) My advice: DO NOT RETAIN KATHLEEN BAKERGUMPRECT-DAVIES.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Horrible Nightmare

    I hope someone reads this and saves money, even if I can help just one person by reading this and NOT hiring her maybe it'll do some good. Kathleen and her staff are so incompetent and expensive. My case should have been open and shut but thanks to this lawyer it dragged out a year and she knew what to do to get the most $$ out of me possible. She saw me coming a mile away. Interview a couple lawyers and you will see she is full of it. I could have got a better lawyer a lot cheaper. Not only is she ridiculously expensive I caught her lying to me multiple times, I felt like I was fighting 2 lawyers the whole case. Divorce was already stressful but this just set it over the edge. I have never rated anything in my life and am not getting anything out this so if you read this please please please take my rating into consideration and save yourself!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Responsive, Knowledgeable and Efficient Attny.

    I highly recommend Ms. Bakergumprecht-Davies lives up to her reputation as a brilliant litigator, with the ability to quote case law and family law section codes off the top of her head.

    If you have a complicated family law issue that requires an EXPERIENCED litigator - you really could do no better! She is thoughtful and well respected by her peers and the legal community.

    Her office is not always the most organized, timely in returning phone calls or paperwork, and proofing their work. However, being your own advocate, keeping copies of everything, and insisting on proof reading anything before submission solves all of that.

    These people, while nice, are not your friends or your therapist - they are your lawyers and you should use them as such. Do your job as a client to make their job as your lawyer as easy as possible.

    I felt her billing was fair, given her expertise.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by C

    Can't believe she's an attorney

    Horrible from the beginning. Had to supply the same information multiple times. Finally asked to sign papers over a year after i went to court and the papers still haven't been filed with the courts 2 months after signing. The most ridiculous bill i've ever paid, I could've bought a brand new car. Calling her a lawyer or her employees "support staff" is the biggest joke i've ever heard. She should be disbarred for her lack of legal work.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Z

    Superb, Well Respected & Top Notch Support Staff

    Kathleen and her support people were amazing. When we got our final bill we thought there might have been a mistake, so we paid it and left as quick as possible. She was so obviously respected by the other parties attorney that we came out with the best possible deal, we wouldn't have even asked for what we got, it was that good and we're on the Fraternal side, that never happens!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Horrible from start to finish...

    Kathleen Bakergumprecht-Davies provided the worst possible representation. Her office is completely disorganized, filed pleadings late which were full of mistakes and made ammended pleading necessary, over-billed me for "inflated" time (claimed more time was spent than actually spent) and the final straw was the horrible legal advice she gave me, which I followed and had to be "undone" by my subsequent competent attorney. She is the worst lawyer ever, in my experience. I have heard the same horror stories from other former clients. Do not retain her!