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James Louis Miller

About James Miller

About me

About me: My main goal is to take care of my clients. When they call they hear my voice answer the phone, if I am not available I get back to them within two hours unless I am in court. I am also available to them via my cell phone, text and email. My clients retained me and I do not assign them to a paralegal. I draft each and every piece of paperwork that goes out because I want to know everything that is happening with a case.

I maintain a low overhead so I can pass the savings on to my clients. Attorneys are not accessible to many people because of the high initial retainer or hour cost, those are the people I strive to work with and help.

I’m a big advocate of trying to solve a problem instead of creating them. I am big on technology and I am able to run my office from anywhere.

 If  you have a Family, Landlord/Tenant or Personal Injury problem send me an email or give me a call and let’s see what I can do to help.