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Douglas M Larsen

About Douglas Larsen

About me

I have been married for 28 years.  We have seven children and two grandchildren.  Life is good in the Larsen home! 

I have been engaged in employment law for over 20 years now.  However, I learned early on that I could provide a greater value to clients by helping them prevent lawsuits.  I also learned that employers needed help with quality HR professionals. 

In 2001 I started Sierra HR Partners, Inc., a separate but ancillary company to my law firm.  Sierra HR is staffed with certified HR professionals who help my clients comply with the law.  The HR professionals are trained to identify issues that could create legal complications.  When that happens, I step in.  It has been a great partnership among my law firm, Sierra HR and our clients.  We can provide a better service at a good price, and make the workplace better for employees.  Everyone wins.