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Phillip H Darling

Phillip Darling’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Amber


    We hired Mr. Darling to do a TRUST for my father who is very ill. We hired him in May and in the middle of August had gotten a whole lot of nothing complete. What he had done was not what my father had asked for nor was any of it useful. We were waiting for him to show up at my fathers home... he is unable to travel.... Mr. Darling was fully aware of this! We get a call asking where we are!!! I was confused... I was then told he was on his way, sorry for the mix up! He was 30 minutes late and as he walked in the door said " I only have 15 minutes.... to get this done, I have another meeting! He met with us and then after being confronted with the problems told us to make an appointment to meet with him the next week. I was on the phone with his receptionist while he was leaving to make the appointment and made it for 3 days later. Ten minutes later the receptionist calls and tells me " Mr. Darling is sending a letter to your father, and will refund his money". He did nothing but waste my fathers precious time and took advantage of his mental health as well. I have never dealt with anyone who is so unprofessional in my life! He did not tell us why or do the quitting himself.... he had his receptionist do it for him!! I have consulted with another attorney and showed them his work.... they were in disbelief that a real attorney put it together! All of the time he wasted.... we are just lucky we are not working with him anymore!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by David


    I tried to get a trust and estate planning set up for my brother and was very dissatified with how I was charged for work that was unusable. My lawyer in Florida was very amazed with how the work was so poorly written and what it took for the two of them to work together. I would never recommend any work to be done by him.