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  • I am on parole and I need to be able to travel overseas for work. What are my options if my PO denies the request?

    For the last 10 years I have worked and lived overseas. This is my primary source of income. Should this request be handled by an attorney?

    Greg’s Answer

    You can request a modification of sentence from the court. The judge can always alter your probation terms and effectively overrule the probation department.

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  • Charged with Driving on a Suspended License But DA cannot prove jurisdiction

    You see what happened is that I was charged with driving on a suspended license but the cop had no reason to pull me over. He had no reason to pull me over because traveling is a right that is not a privilege. But aside from that, I told the DA at...

    Greg’s Answer

    Why do you ask lawyers their opinions if you don't care what they say? For what it's worth most everything you said is wrong for the following reasons:

    1. Jurisdiction is not the same as having the right to pull you over. If the cop saw you break the law in the county you are charged in, the court has jurisdiction.
    2. A challenge to the stop per 1538.5 would need to be made Pretrial to challenge your detention without probable cause. If you haven't done that, you can't raise it at trial.
    3. There is such thing as a crimin court "motion to dismiss."
    4. Travel is a right. Driving is not. Just like flying, it can be regulated by law.
    5. Criminal courts require trials where witnesses are called. Trial by affidavit is not allowed.
    The above is a small example of what they DID teach in law school. Enjoy your vacation in the county lockup.

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  • My brother went to prison in 2008 for a felony (burglary). He just got a domestic violence and child endangerment charge

    How much time is he facing?

    Greg’s Answer

    1. Is he charged with a misdemeanor a felony?
    2. Are any special allegations charged? (Great bodily injury, use of a weapon etc).
    3. What kind of burglary conviction does he have.
    Defoe ding in the answers to those questions the answer is anywhere between 365 days and several decades. Let me know and I'll give you a more complete answer.

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  • Just learned from my girlfriend that she was raped a few years ago by someone we both know. Advice/Help please. What should I do

    Yesterday, my significant other claims that she was sexually assaulted and raped by our so-called "acquaintance" of ours at the time at a party/some sort of gathering. I don't have the exact details yet, but knowing my girlfriend, I'm going to say...

    Greg’s Answer

    You shouldn't do anything but be supportive. SHE has the option of going to the police and filing a report, or not going to the police and dealing what happened in some other way.

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  • I got Deferred Judgment for indecent exposure & lewd conduct. Once I get case dismissed, can my case be sealed??

    I am on deferred judgment and I understand my case will be dismissed as long as I don't get into trouble. After getting case dismissed, is it possible to seal the record from public(e.g background check)? My charges were indecent exposure and ...

    Greg’s Answer

    The only thing the general public will see from a background check is a conviction. If your case is dismissed there will be no conviction. The arrest will be there, but it will not be accessible by non-government entities.

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  • Hi, I was arrested for shoplifting 25 years ago, I applied for a job that requires finger printing, will it still be on record?

    The incident happened at JCPenny. I was caught along with my cousin, I don't remember the details.

    Greg’s Answer

    If you were convicted of a crime the record is permanent. Arrested and convicted are not the same thing. Did you ever go to court? Were you an adult when this happened?

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  • I was approached by someone who asked if I would cash a check with my ID , in exchange I was promised some cash.

    I was given a check in which I tried to cash and was arrested. I had nothing to do with the actual document (check) other than attempting to cash it out. At the time I was homeless with no income and was approached by someone who asked if I wanted...

    Greg’s Answer

    You don't have a defense. What you did was obviously illegal from the moment you were approached. You may catch a break if you agree to testify about the people who were in charge of the fraud ring. You need to talk to the public defender (if you are homeless you obviously qualify).

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  • Adw 245(A)1

    What dose the capitol letter mean usually charge looks like this 245(a)1 my son looks like this 245(A)1

    Greg’s Answer

    It doesn't mean anything. If the parenthesis was missing or moved such as 245a(1) that sometimes would make a difference, but capitalization is irrelevant.

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