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Ellen Marie Cheney

Ellen Cheney’s client reviews

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  • Ellen was Excellent!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sondra

    Hired Attorney

    We got ourselves in financial trouble due to unforeseen circumstances and I didn’t see a way out until I contacted Ellen Cheney at "Mansfield Cheney,PC".

    I explained my situation to Ellen and she suggested we meet and further discuss a possible Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing.

    I meet with Ellen. She was very personable. I immediately felt comfortable telling her my financial situation. We agreed, a Chapter 7 was the best option for us.
    We meet with her a second time and retained her and she got all of our paper work ready for us to sign. She advised us she would file our case that day.

    I never had any issues. It was as EASY as Ellen said it would be!
    Our Chapter 7 was discharged in the time table Ellen told me it would be.

    I found Ellen charming, professional and caring. I feel her fee was not only reasonable, but some of the best money I’ve ever spent.
    We are now free of debt and I am already working on building my credit back up.

    Ellen, you were a God Send and I can’t thank you enough.
    I encourage anyone considering filing Bankruptcy to call Ellen today. Your life will become so much easier.

  • Bitter sweet

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa

    I Highly recomend Ellen! She's very likable, & She knows her stuff. She Kept in contact with me, & she was very Pleasant to be around. I had done this once before and it didn't get it Dismissed because I forgot to do the last counseling course. Ellen made sure I completed everything on time & she was very kind and patient with me. I hope I don't ever have to see you again, at least not in your office. Best wishes in life! Thanks for helping me.

  • A Clearing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dreama

    I was referred to Ellen's office by a very good friend and business professional. I will never regret my choice. Ellen was authentic from the very beginning and made me feel important and calm. The staff are professional and knowledgable and show much compassion. Ellen is also very savvy ,upbeat, resourceful and takes her work very seriously. I have learned a lot about myself thru this whole process and would highly recommend Ellen Cheney to anyone that needs to start anew with their life and educate themselves.
    Thank you Ellen.

  • Thank yo SO much Ellen

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tad

    I was contemplating filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy because I was out of options. My bills were piling higher and higher. I had been hurt and had been out of work for nearly three years. Well, as you can imagine when your income, through Workers Comp, is just over ½ of your regular salary things will back up and those things are BILLS and DEBT.

    I was at a stand off. I called Ellen Cheney’s office and made an appointment to see Ellen.

    When I met Ellen I was pleasantly surprised by her outgoing personality. I felt comfortable immediately. We talked for a long time about my situation and she agreed to represent me.

    We meet a second time and went over all my Debt and the options I had to choose from. I retained her to help me with my BK.

    With her assistance, I decided on Chapter 7. She had all my information processed on her computer and we went over all the paperwork together and decided it was time to file.

    We filed and I waited to find out about my hearing date.

    That date came and Ellen met me in Santa Barbara. We went over a few notes and I waited for my case to be called. I answered all the questions. I knew what they were because I listened to a couple of the cases before my case was called.

    Ellen met me outside and told me I did great! It made me feel really proud and confident. She told me I should know more next week.

    I received an Email, from Ellen, stating that the hearing went well and my case should be dismissed in about 2 months.

    Two months later, Ellen called me and told me my case has been finalized and I was done. I thanked her for her assistance.

    If you know anyone or if you’re thinking of filing a BK, you need to call Ellen and get it started. The quicker you start the process, the sooner your life can get back to normal

    Ellen, you are the BEST! You made be feel so comfortable and made me realize it’s not horrible or wrong filing a BK. You told me it is a law, that is in place, for people like me that need financial help due to no fault of their own.

    Thank you again, Ellen. You have made my life so much better now.


  • Ellen Cheney you're the GREATEST. Thanks for your help

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sondi

    Let me tell you, from the start, I was nervous, scared and embarrassed. It’s not easy filing a Bankruptcy. I was so anxious waiting for my first appointment to see Ellen Cheney.

    The day finally came. I met Ellen and she immediately made me feel so comfortable. She assured me that it would all work out. She explained that this happens to every day people, like me, all the time in these economically difficult times. She assured me that I shouldn’t feel bad or horrible about having to file for Bankruptcy.

    She explained the whole process and I agreed to retain her firm. We meet again and we went over every detail, together, concerning the Chapter 7, Bankruptcy.

    We meet again finalizing all the details and I waited to hear when my day in front of the Trustee would be.

    Ellen advised me of my day to appear. She meet me in Santa Barbara at the Bankruptcy Trustee Office. Ellen could tell I was still extremely nervous. She told me again, this will be a lot easier then you think. I got there early so I could listen to the questions being asked of other people filing a BK. This helped me know what was going to be asked and that put me at ease.

    I was asked and I answered all the questions and then was told, by the Trustee, Good Luck, you may go. After, Ellen meet me outside and reassured me it went well. She said we should know the status by Monday.

    Ellen emailed me that it went well and I should just sit tight and when it’s finalized, in about 2 months, she would let me know.

    I just can’t say enough nice things about how I was treated by Ellen. She made me feel comfortable right away. She made me feel at ease about the BK process. She explained every detail over and over again because I was so nervous they didn’t process, in my mind, right away. She was so up to date on all the new laws concerning a Chapter 7. She was very attentive and understanding.

    If I had know Ellen could have made this so easy, I may have filed earlier then I did.

    If you’re thinking about filing a Bankruptcy, you have to call Ellen. She will help you feel so comfortable and at ease. Her reassuring mannerisms are so warming and she really does care about you.

    More importantly, Ellen gave me her personal contact information and always returned my calls or Emails in a very timely manner. I really appreciated that touch. I don't think many Lawyers would have given me the same consideration. Thank you again, Ellen!


  • Adversarial Law Suit

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sabrina

    My husband and I were referred to the law firm for one issue that morphed into another legal issue. Ellen was our attorney and as I indicated above was an excellent resource. I trust her explicity, the firm operates with the utmost integrity and honesty. We did not win our lawsuit, however, with Ellen's expertise and knowledge of the law AND her ability to provide the whole picture, we were able to settle for an amount that would not have ruined us financially. My recommendation is sincere and I dare you to be disappointed!! One last thing - unless you are an attorney, do not think for a minute that you are qualified to handle your own case!

  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    The fact that I am willing to post a review on my bankruptcy attorney speaks volumes, because My husband and i are devastated to be in this position. However, I am just that impressed with Ellen Cheney's legal expertise and client services. My phone calls were always returned, my questions always answered, and we felt safe in her hands. I can honestly give the highest recommendation.

  • Excellent Review for Ellen Cheney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    As a layperson, the bankruptcy process is overwhelming and there is so much that needs to be done properly within the court system. Ellen is very knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and went out of her way to make sure she was "ahead of the process" in order to facilitate processing my bankruptcy and to make sure that it was completed. She is also a genuine, warm and caring person. In being in a such a difficult position, it was really such a pleasure to be able to work with someone as competent as Ellen. This is a business connection that you will have for life and will feel 100% confident in working with Ellen again, if needed in any area of her expertise, or referring Ellen. I am very grateful that I was referred to work with Ellen.

  • Never let me down when I referred someone

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    I have referred numerous clients to Ellen Cheney, and have always received excellent feedback. She does not look at a potential client as a billing statement, but as a person seeking help and guidance. Sometimes that has meant bankruptcy, sometimes not. My clients have reported to me that they trust her completely, that she gave them advice that may have been hard to swallow, but they eventually agreed with her guidance. She helps people, and they in turn have referred her to their friends in need. She is not a social worker, she is a knowledgeable attorney who cares about her clients and has the ability to completely protect their rights.

  • Great attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jared

    Ellen Cheney helped me with a bankruptcy, and then all of the personal matters that came up when I started my own business to get my feet on the ground. She is professional, always returns phone calls, and never charges me extra when I have questions. Her fees are reasonable and she explained them thoroughly. I highly recommend her