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Kenneth Evan Chyten

About Kenneth Chyten

About me

 I have been a  highly  successful  trial  lawyer  for  30  years,  with  extensive  experience in many different areas. My primary focus, however, is  civil  and business litigation.




I have represented hundreds of businesses and individuals in matters ranging from simple contract or business disputes, to matters as complex as patent and antritrust litigation, and everything in between.


No case is too small or simple, or too large or complex. If I choose to take a case, I will give that case my utmost attention and interest regardless of its size or complexity.




There is nothing I value more than my reputation.


I humbly like to think I have attained a high level of respect from my peers and clients, as well as from the judges I have been appearing before for the past 30 years. 


As a former clerk for the California  Supreme Court,  and judge pro tem of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, I have a unique appreciation for what makes  a compelling presentation, and winning case. 


I was once described by a senior federal district court judge as one of the top three attorneys who had ever practiced before him.


I valued that endorsement, as much as the praise I received from the late Stanley Mosk when I clerked under him on the California Supreme Court, and as much as the honor I had in being an associate editor of the California Law Review while attending the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall Law School. 




I am a tough, battle-hardened trial lawyer who has passion for the practice of law.


I am fiercely competitive, and have a have frequently been described by both clients and adversaries as a " "bulldog'. 


While I fight hard to win cases, I also consider myself to have good common sense and a modicum of fairness. These skills help me quickly size up a case, and know when to fight, and when to settle.


It is at least as satisfying for me to settle a case fairly, and without large fees, as it is to win after a long and difficult trial. Thus, I will try hard to settle a case, but only on terms I belive are fair to my clients.




While I enjoy the practice of law, and devote whatever time is required to achieve success, I have many other interests as well.


I have two sets of twin boys, all of whom are in elementary school, and a beautiful wife, who in her former life was an excellent family law lawyer. I treasure the time I get to spend with all of them.


I am also an avid sports fan, and would-be athlete. In my younger days, I played a lot of tennis, basketball, and baseball. Nowadays, the most exercise I get is chasing, or being chased, by my four boys.


All in all I consider myself fortunate to have an excellent law practice and a great family.




Clients  frequently ask why I don't work for a firm, or hire a bunch of associates, and run a law mill that cranks out the cases and billable hours.


After being an associate at a huge law firm, and a partner in a boutque Westside firm, I have come to realize I am better able to serve my clients by handling the cases myself.


In that manner, I  can control both the quality of the work, as well as the billable hours. 



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