Laura Victoria Kline Bartels

Laura Victoria Kline Bartels

About Me 

Welcome to A v v o.  My legal interests are Chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate planning, wills, trusts, probates, and trust administration. 


Estate Plannning, Wills and Trusts

I collaborate with my clients on the best tools for them to achieve their desires.  I work mostly with people who have estates under 1 million dollars.  I work with families to structure planning to achieve the interests of the donors and the beneficiaries and maximize tax avoidance and savings. 


Probate and Trust Administration

When a loved one dies, the trauma to the family is intense.  I work closely with the executor or the trustee to tell them the process of the administration.  Most people are new to the experience of being an executor or a trustee.  I help them understand their role and walk them through the process.


Chapter 7

When Maria lost her job she was faced for the first time in her life with the possibility of facing a bankruptcy.  With no income, it was impossible for her to pay her bills.  She came to me after being hounded by collection agencies.  We worked together on figuring out her financial reality.  I had all of the creditor calls forward to me so that she could be relieved of the stress of the phone ringing at all hours.  I stressed to her that there is no shame in filing a bankruptcy.  Thank goodness we have laws in our country to help people when they are facing these life changing events.