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Donald Richard Worley

Donald Worley’s Legal Guides

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  • Liability for Failure to Prevent Heart Attack or Stroke

    Heart attacks and strokes (also called "brain attacks") are very common causes of death or permanent neurologic disability, and in some cases, the patient's doctor can be held liable because the doctor failed to take steps to minimize or avert the disaster. Most heart attacks re...

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  • Malpractice Liability for Delay in Diagnosis of Cancer

    Many types of cancer can result in death or severe harm to the patient if there is a substantial delay in diagnosis and treatment. That is why many different screening tests have been developed to try to discover the presence of cancer as early as possible. Among the most comm...

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  • The Hazards, Legal and Otherwise, of Racing on a Public Roadway

    Suppose you accept a challenge to race against another vehicle on a public roadway and the other vehicle involved in your race crashes into an innocent motorist causing injury or death, but your vehicle is not involved in any collision. Can you be liable to the injured party even...

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  • Delay In Diagnosis Of Cancer

    A common type of medical malpractice case involves an undue delay in the diagnosis of cancer. There are several hurdles to overcome in order to succeed. First, you need to be able to prove that the cancer could and should have been diagnosed at an earlier date. This is usually...

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  • Reasons for Prohibition of Non-Emergency Parking on Highway Shoulders

    Thinking of stopping on the shoulder of the highway when not absolutely necessary? Think again - it's one of the most dangerous places to be. Many drivers assume that if they parked on the shoulder of the road, they would be safe and unlikely to be struck by another vehicle. ...

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