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Denise Merle Motroni

Denise Motroni’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ana

    Professional Lawyer, Aggressive Representation, Knowledge and Expertise

    Ms. Motroni has definitely proven to be a reliable, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney in my Family Law case. Since day one, when I initially called her on the phone in 2011, she gave me a great impression. She was not only very professional on the phone and respectful (unlike some attorneys I have contacted in the past), she was thorough and to the point. I have hired Ms. Motroni three times already because she has years of experience in Family Law, and she actually listens to your case, she pays attention and does care about the client's outcome. Best of all, she gets you results in court. Additionally, I admire the manner in which she handles trials, as she is well prepared, and she proves to be an expert in Family Law. She is strict yet professional in the way she handles the case with opposing counsel, she maintains her professionalism in court, and abides by all the rules and deadlines. I would say she has great organizational skills and prepares the client for trial. She communicates with the client and let's you know exactly what she needs or what is needed for court. She replies to your concerns promptly. She is very personable as well. Would I recommend Ms. Motroni for anyone needing an expert's service in Family Law? Absolutely.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rich

    Excellent attorney who is backed by a great firm!

    I have been with the law firm of Holstrom, Sissung, Marks and Anderson since July 2011. I was referred to them due to the complicated nature of my case and was assigned to Ms. Motroni and her paralegal, Robin De La Torre. Ms. Motroni immediately jumped into my case and has since proven herself to be an extremely competent attorney. Since taking over my case, Ms. Motroni has forced an end to the games my last attorney allowed opposing counsel to play. More recently, we were forced into a situation that resulted in an exhausting six (6) day trial. In that trial, Ms. Motroni questioned five (5) witnesses, of which she impeached two (2). This led to a positive outcome for me and my children.
    Throughout my divorce proceedings, Ms. Motroni has shown she has the ability to not only be assertive with opposing counsel, but has also shown the ability to be compassionate to my needs and feelings. As many people in my position have experienced, we get caught up in the moment and vent to our attorneys. In my case, Ms. Motroni has been able to reel me back in, calm me down and explain the situation and our options. I have found this to be very beneficial as it keeps me focused and most importantly in the loop. This is all further supported with her availability. I have never waited an unreasonable amount of time for a call back or email response, regardless if it was routine or urgent.
    Ms. Motroni is one who I would honestly recommend to anyone. She is supported by a great law firm who you can’t deny, does their job well.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Ryan

    Not Professional, No Communication

    Ms. Motroni was hired to handle my divorce/child custody case based on her advertising being a "Fathers Rights" attorney. The lack of communication from Ms. Motroni was very frustrating. On many occasions I would leave messages for her or her assistant and never get a response. It got to the point after multiple attempts and many weeks of no response that I had to contact the firm's managing partner to pursue contact with Ms. Motroni. The excuse was always the same, "I was in court, I was in a meeting". Between the lack of return phone calls and missed meetings, it became apparant that my case was not a priority. At one meeting (after two other attempts that Ms. Motroni was a no show), I was left in the reception area with my toddler son for 20 minutes while Ms. Motroni attended an office party. I would provide requested information quickly - within 24 hours only to be asked for the same information again and again. I learned to review documents EXTRA closely as there would always be at least one error by her office that I would have to correct.
    Ms. Motroni made recommendations that I followed trusting her expertise in the procedures of the court only having to learn the hard way that she was not knowledgable in the processes which delayed the case another 3 months.
    I witnessed Ms. Motroni seeming to be unprepared while standing in front of the judge causing the judge to chastise her in open court. At one point I had to pay the other parties lawyer directly so as not to go to court on an "ex parte" hearing becase Ms. Motroni failed to respond to his document(s) request in a timely manner only to find out later that her office MISFILED the paperwork as she stated in a letter to the opposing lawyer.
    After 9 (NINE) wasted court appearances (3 of which were becase the correct motion was not filed by Ms. Motroni) and a tremendous amount of wasted money, I fired Ms. Motroni. My new attorney accomplished in 3 months what Ms. Motroni FAILED to accomplish in 8 months.

    Denise Merle Motroni’s response: “I am sorry you feel this way. It is always my intention to obtain a good result for the client. Sometimes the circumstances at the time do not make it feasible to obtain the results the client needs or wants. I wish you the best of luck. - Denise Motroni”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Holsh A.

    Extremely Helpful and Dedicated Attorney

    I was breaking up with a difficult girlfriend, who surprised me with an unfounded Temporary Restraining Order. Her allegations were completely untrue. Instead of rolling the dice and possibly getting an untrue finding of domestic violence against me, not to mention incurring the cost of a trial, my family law attorney from Wallin & Klarich, Denise M. Motroni, arranged for the matter to be handled out of court with a written agreement between myself and my ex. Everyone was happy!

    Thank you!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jamie

    Thanks to Attorney Motroni I Can Visit My Child and Travel with My Child Outside the Country.

    Attorney Denise M. Motroni, associate with Wallin & Klarich, listened to my child visitation and support concerns and helped me figure out the best way to get what I needed for my child and our relationship.

    Since I don't have the best relationship with the other parent, the order needed to be very specific, and it needed to state the exact times and dates of my parenting time with our daughter; no room to misinterpret.

    Not only did Ms. Motroni understand my needs, but she made sure each step of the new order was clear and concise. She also took the time necessary to work with the opposing counsel and agree on what issues could be stipulated, leaving only the “hotly contested” issues to be heard by the court.

    In the end, besides a clarified visitation plan, Ms. Motroni demonstrated that the other parent earned more money than she was claiming and that I was earning less money than she was claiming! As a result, my child support was reduced to a more reasonable amount. What I found even more amusing was Ms. Motroni's ability to persuade the court that it was perfectly reasonable and in the best interest in my daughter that she be allowed to vacation with me out of the country – something the other parent swore would never be allowed!

    If you need and attorney who will listen to your concerns and really advocate for your position, I highly recommend Ms. Motroni at Wallin & Klarich.