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Loni Jo Poyner Klein

Loni Klein’s client reviews

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  • Past and Present Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marissa

    Loni Klein was my attorney for an incredibly difficult, complex case involving the best interests of my children. The case ultimately ended in a ten day trial. The case and trial was emotionally and mentally the most difficult thing I have ever endured, and I don't think I could have made it through without the assistance of Loni Klein and her team. We recently found out the judgement in the trial, and it was in my favor. I couldn't have asked for a more prepared, passionate and articulate lawyer. She was always clear about what was going to happen and the things she needed from me to get us to our final positive outcome. Her knowledge of the law and ability to fight for me went beyond my expectations. She is still my attorney on another matter before the court, and I feel confident that I have the best possible lawyer to represent me. Anyone who retains her as an attorney will be in great hands.

  • tremendous at adoption law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Grant

    Family Law is difficult and emotional draining to say the least. However if you need to step into that quagmire this firm is tremendous.

    I had the pleasure of working with their senior associate, Loni Klein, in an adoption case and she was:
    1. empathetic
    2. fair in billing
    3. tremendously skilled in adoption law
    4. focused on the needs of the birth mother and the best interests of the child
    5. detailed and convincing in court

    I would highly recommend this law firm and particularly Loni Klein in all areas of family law.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lilly (and family)

    I came to Loni Jo Poyner Klein (and her team @ A C.F.C.) because Loni Klein was THE ONLY LAWYER that would/could "handle our unique and delicate situation"! A case that could NOT "afford any mistakes"! Loni Klein (and her team @ A C.F.C.) were/are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! They NEVER "missed a beat"! I have "worked with a lot of attorneys" in the past (because of a "job I previously had"), but "Loni Klein's team" was/is "OUTSTANDING" AND "REALLY KNEW THEIR STUFF"! ALL COURT DOCUMENTS WERE ALWAYS COMPLETED (and filed) VERY PROFESSIONALLY! I mean Candace is AMAZING! And, Annie Weir ALWAYS "represented my great niece" and my family in court VERY PROFESSIONALLY! Tracy was great and whenever we "had to make a payment" Jessica (Jess) was "ALWAYS AVAILABLE" to "discuss our account" and "help answer any questions"! Thanks again (AND AGAIN) to Loni Jo Poyner Klein (and her "GREAT TEAM" @ A Center for Children)!!!
    In fact, my family and I "brought goodies" to the office (and are "going to bring them some more")!!!

  • Fantastic, thoughtful, professional.... Hope I never need to, but would hire Loni again without thinking twice!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    Loni was referred to me by a friend and I will forever be thankful that she came into my life. She was extremely professional and obtained the results I desired during a very difficult time. If you need someone to help you fight for the safety of your children... do not hesitate to call her.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Judy

    My situation was horrific. My son died, my grandson was abducted and my first atty incompetent. Then I found Loni Klein and everything changed! Loni is a caring,competent, knowledgeable and professional and a very experienced attorney. SHE GETS THE JOB DONE!!! Loni never made me or my case feel any less important than any other case of hers. Her staff is second to none too, which is no surprise. Loni stayed on top of everything, keeping me informed at all times. Her staff was wonderful too, given all my questions and concerns. Loni has such a calming way about her, she never looses her cool . She is very supportive and has a way about her that softens the hardest situation.
    Loni has an excellent reputation in the legal community and with the people in the court house that work with her. When you mention her name, they can't say enough positive feedback and I knew I had the best of the best in my corner fighting for us.
    Unbelievably, my longtime friend had a slightly similar situation, and after hearing me talk about Loni, unknowingly, her family hired Loni also and she too knew they were in good hands. Yes, they prevailed also like I did, thanks to Loni.
    I am so thrilled to report that I am raising my wonderful grandson and am his guardian thanks to Loni's abilities to prevail.

  • Loni Klein Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Loni was very dependable & gave sound counsel. I really respected that she asked difficult questions when necessary, & probed to be sure we understood the consequences of a proposed course of action.

  • Excellent Help When I Needed It

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    Loni was there when I needed Famliy Law answers quickly. She meet personally with me and explained everything to me in a non law language that I could understand. She was more than happy to explain things again and further if I needed. She gave me the best and worst case senerios. She was available to answer questions as I had them. She kept her appointments and court dates and didn't try to drag things out. She quoted me a price and it was very close to what I ended up paying. I hope to never have another family law problem, but if I do, I know who I will call without hesitation.

  • Honest, caring and nice, too.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deborah

    Loni represented me twice in court. Once for custody and then again for guardianship. She is the best by far. I feel she went beyond to help me get my disable grandson permanently in my care. Loni was always available or an associate would be very informed of my actual case and my concerns were always taken care of immediately. Even when money got tight, she still kept helping. I felt like she was doing the right thing and it wasn't about her money (although she truly deserved a lot more.) I felt like she was a friend and really knew my circumstance with my grandson. I would highly recommend Loni.

  • Guardianship of our grandson

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jan

    Loni represented us in a case regarding legal guardianship of our grandson whose mother was having emotional problems and his father was incarcerated on domestic abuse charges. The case was complicated because of the fact the parents resided out of state and our grandson had only been living with us for about 3 months so we had the domicile issue to deal with. When we decided to hire Loni we were given chances of 40/60 of winning the case. Because of the diligent and organized case presented by Loni to the court we were awarded the guardianship and our grandson has remained with us for almost 5 years. We believe that this would not have been possible without her. She and her associates/staff have continued to give us support in any questions we have had over the years regarding issues pertaining to our legal responsibilities with regard to the guardianship as well as family law issues. We are and will always be grateful to Loni for doing such a great job. We recently consulted them for referrals regarding educational issues with the school district and have continued to be impressed with the support we receive.

  • Legal Guardianship

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    I was involved in a legal guardianship for a child and had no idea what the legal process would entail. Loni did an excellent job in getting all the required paperwork filed and presented to the court as well as appeared in court on behalf of the child at court. To keep a long story short she prevailed and that young man graduates high school in a month. Josh is now doing excellent in school and in life, having been part of a much better environment over the past few years than he was subject to prior to Loni's help.

    Loni and her legal team did a excellent job in winning the battle and helped ensure a bright future for someone in need of their expertise.