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Eric Levy’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sophia

    Highly Recommended Lawyer

    Some months ago my daughter's father took me to court for a child custody contempt case. A good friend of mines recommended Mr. Levy to me and spoke highly of him. My friend said he was an excellent lawyer that had helped her with previous cases. I'm so glad I listened to my friend. After meeting Mr. Levy I left his office feeling confident about winning the case. Mr Levy is funny, intelligent, honest and dependable. His rates are also reasonable. Mr. Levy had the entire contempt case thrown out and helped me and my daughter's father modify our case with a visitation arrangement that worked for both of us. Don't go anywhere else if you need a good lawyer. Mr. Levy knows exactly what he is doing and will help you with your case. I highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lupe

    Excellent Attorney!!

    I met Mr. Marshall while I was on an ongoing divorce and child support issues that was going nowhere with my previous attorney. Mr. Marshall was highly recommended to me by a previous client of his, and since he has taken over my case, I have seen extremely positive results. He was able to resolve my child support issue and thanks to him after 11 months of no child support, he was able to resolve it within the first court hearing.
    He is very positive, knowledgeable and great sense of humor, which helps you feel at ease during stressful situation. He is excellent with court personnel. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Marshall.
    Thank you for stepping in and helping move my case forward.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marjam

    Great Lawyer

    I have hired Eric on 3 different occasions for my 2 divorce proceedings and prenuptial agreement.
    He makes the process tolerable despite the unfortunate circumstances.
    He is very responsive and knowledgeable of my case.
    Always inform me the status without having to call him. I am very lucky
    to have him as my attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by LuciB

    Difficult case, great lawyer!

    Despite a soon to retiring judge, multiple properties, small business and one horrific lying spouse, Mr. Levy was able to help me achieve major victory in my divorce settlement. Although there is more work yet to be done, going forward there is no doubt the lawyer I can rely on Mr. Levy. As an attorney he had to be candid with me regarding actual results of my case, especially with my situation in which the judge was pressured by the court system to close his cases by a certain date which was not equitable. Nevertheless, Mr. Levy was able to divert the opposing party, despite my former spouse's falsifying his income and other assets ( a common practice with small businesses) from totally convincing the court I could not be denied my legal rights of division of property/assets and then kicked to the curb like an old used up cow, as so many men do when they have found a newer replacement. Apart from being an astute, sharp and quick witted, he has an unusual gift for an attorney, he has a great heart. He is compassionate and has incredible sense of humor, both helping me get through the most terrible and saddest time in my life. Overall, the heartbreak of divorce is one great hurdle to clear, especially after a 30 year relationship in which 26 was in marriage, but fortunately I had Mr. Levy as my lawyer, a true human being, and not the sneaky pete type, but one who truly cares and works hard in serving his clients' best interest in court. Thank you Mr. Levy!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chad

    Highly recommeded attorney that is very trust worthy, compasionate and will fight with everything he has for your rights!

    I had a very contentious divorce that started nearly 10 years ago. I was in my late 20's when my divorce initiated, had 2 young children that I spent most of my time with, was very fearful as being the male in the marriage in regards to custody and time share with them. The marriage was so contentious and I lived under continuous threats that my children would be taken from me and that I would be lucky if I was able to be a "weekend daddy" so I had concluded that the divorce would be equally, if not worse than the marriage. Unfortunately, I knew I had an epic battle ensuing the likes I could have never imagined! I had made several calls and spoken to several attorneys' in regards to my case, one attorney told me she knew the exact attorney that I was in need of and this was Mr. Levy. I called Marshal a frightened young man needing help to preserve my rights as a father and ensure that my children remained a very large part of my life. I met with Mr. Levy over nearly 10 years ago, knew right from the start that he was the attorney to be my advocate in regards to these complex issues. I initially concluded that I would except a joint parenting plan with somewhat of a 50-50 time share. The legal system is very complicated and Mr. Levy was there for me through every single issue over the 4 years that the divorce lasted. After numerous attempted mediations, including agreements that my ex-wife would agree to, but at the last minute in court would have a change of heart and withdrawn from we had to set the case for a full blown trial. I can't express enough to ANYONE either male or female how important it is to have an attorney that understands you, the judges, the opposing council and your ex. Mr. Marshal has been brilliant at knowing just what to say and when. He will fight for you and your rights with everything he has if necessary, he knows when to tell you (me) to keep quite and has an elegance that is unmatched in any attorney that I have seen in the courtrooms over the years. Mr. Levy is not your typical attorney, he won't charge you $75 to ask a question or push a time clock the second you call for a quick update, most attorneys will literally charge you $75.00 every 15 minutes when you call and round up! Shortly before trial I asked to meet with Marshal to inform him that during trial I need him to fight for me to be awarded sole physical custody of both of my children as I felt circumstances warranted. He might of looked at me a little funny for a minute but after discussions it was agreed that this is what we would ask of the court. After a lengthy trial, I was awarded sole physical custody and special decision maker in regards to legal custody. Divorce in not a pretty thing, especially when children are involved. There is not a chance that I would have received sole custody of my children if I didn't have Mr. Levy as my attorney, he believed in me even against all the social norms of life. He is the most honest, compassionate attorney/person I know that will fight very hard for your rights if needed but is excellent at speaking reason at the same time whether to you or to opposing party. He has represented me since 2005 on all matters including trial for custody. In addition we had a situation arise early this year that was as equally, if not much more serious then my custody case involving my children, again Mr. Levy saved the life of my son in getting an order that was unprecedented, thought impossible by all, but in his understanding of the seriousness of the situation where most would not, his belief in me, the cause and most importantly my son he was able to relay to the court the utter seriousness and danger my son was in even when the court initially felt what we were asking was out of the realm of the power of the court. I highly recommend Mr. Levy to anyone needing a family law attorney you will find no better attorney anywhere!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Anna

    The funny but smart lawyer

    Mr.marshall helped my husband and I with our custody battle for my step daughter, he is a very intelligent lawyer. We were referred to him by a friend in a time of need after our first meeting he helped calm all our frustrations and assured us of his willingness to do everything he could to help us keep our time with my stepdaughter, during this whole ordeal we actually received more time with her instead of losing. Mr.marshall is very knowledgable and has several years of experience under his belt and it shows. At this time we have more time with my step daughter and because of all the work he put in we are the happiest we've been in a couple of years.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sir Tomas

    Honest and dependable attorney who will fight for your rights!

    Met Mr. Eric Marshall Levy almost 15 years ago and have kept him as my personal attorney ever since. Prior to meeting Mr. Levy I had another attorney who did not treat her clients fairly thus fired her and sought another attorney who did. Luck was on my side when I walked into Mr. Eric Marshall Levy's office as I knew right away, this was the lawyer I have been searching for to help me with a rather difficult divorce case. Mr. Levy proved to me his expertise by helping me resolve many issues then as well as helping me resolve many issues now that have come my way. If anyone needs a good lawyer who will go above and beyond the call of duty, Mr. Eric Marshall Levy is the attorney you need. Feel free to discuss any legal topic with Mr. Levy since he has many years of experience regarding the 'law' due to his keen interest in his field of expertise. I find him very personable and witty unlike other lawyers who don't take the time to get to know their clients.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Manuel

    Mr. Levy is a dependable, honest, and fair family attorney that I highly recommend.

    Mr. Levy has been my personal counsel for almost ten years now and I have to express my admiration for this man. He helped me with my crazy ex in regards to both custody and support. My ex coveted an opportunity to inflict havoc in my personal life and to destroy my relationship with our daughter; however, Eric was always there to deter all her malicious efforts.
    I can always count on Eric to give me any and all information I need to make the proper decision; even if that very information isn't what I want to hear at that specific moment. The understanding we have is to always come to a logical conclusion, and I feel that Eric is my very own personal Jiminy Cricket.
    In addition, Eric's presence in the court room is classic. He has developed great relationships with the court employees, and he doesn't waste a chance to make them smile or laugh (which is important when your trying to gain favor).
    All in all I am grateful that Eric has part of my life for almost 10 years now. I would highly recommend him to any kind soul in need of a champion.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Grace D.


    I met Mr. Levy quite a few years back. He is smart witty and has a way with words. He has handled a few cases for me. I trust him so much that I have referred him many of my family, friends and people I have causally met that needed a good attorney. In the line of business I'm in. My word is my BOND and this I take seriously. If I could put my number on this website I would, that's how much I trust Mr. Levy When looking for an attorney who truly understands your needs and has your best interest. Call him you will be glad you did!

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Ed C.

    A lawyer who cares

    Eric was recommened to me by a friend. After our introduction, I could see that he dedicates himself and gives 100% of his energy towards serving his clients. This focused approach has provided me with time to take care of other aspects of my life and to be perfectly comfortable with his abilities. His professional level of service to me as a client, resulted in me referring friends, family members and coworkers to him, and as a result we have become friends.