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Frederick William Fascenelli Jr

Frederick Fascenelli’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 11 total

Review Frederick Fascenelli

  • He got me out

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Hired attorney

    The Public Defender said I was going to have to go to trial. My best offer was nine years. Mr. Fascenelli got me out in two weeks!

    He came to the jail the night my wife called him. He interviewed me to make sure he understood my issues in the case.

    Great lawyer!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by christian

    Very professional,knows his way around a court room,knows the team he is up against,knows his job like no other I've seen,very perceptive,all around a great lawyer,i highly recommend Fred Fascenelli.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK THANKU!!!!!

  • Good man

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    I hired him 2-3 years ago.. on a criminal case. I spoke to several attorneys.. but he stood out. Hes hungry for his cases. Really a smart man. He understands his clients. doesn't judge anyone.. never makes you feel any less than him. Super helpful. everything I asked he gave me straight answers. no beating around the bush.. no bull crap. Never promised me anything. but he didn't have to. I knew he would come through. and he did. You cant go wrong with him. One thing he lacks is hes kind of impossible to get a hold of. but he will return your call or text even if its a day later. I think he really needs an assistant with him like 24/7.. but hes just that busy, I remember once he showed it to me and he had like 40 new txts and more missed calls than anything.. Anywho. Great guy. Highly recommended.

  • excellent defence attourney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by john

    Fred did the research, went to all the court dates in my stead, put me at ease, gave great advice and worked the case to my best advantage. this was the first time i had been arrested. my first hired lawyer ripped me off & did nothing for me..


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Philip

    Let me start off by saying Fred F. Is the best at handling GANG CASES, but most of all is a good guy and is now someone my family and I call a friend. I Philip, started out fighting about 13 charges 4 which were gang enhancements. Now I won't B.S you, you need to have patients with Fred and understanding. Because he is always trying to help someone by getting them a second chance by getting out that day or getting someone as little time as possible. So I myself recommend Fred F. To everyone and let them know he's the best and he gives each case his all and sometimes he might piss you off and be unavailable at times but when the time comes he's there with his unique hat and tie ready to fight for you and with you and your family. Believe me I sat in theo lacy for almost two yrs fighting my case that went from 33yrs all the way to 7 yrs but he didn't stop there he got me out that night and sent to a two year program. So now after graduating the hardest program in the nation Delancey St. Foundation and getting my class b license and g.e.d I can say Fred brought me home were I have been doing good for five years now with a beautiful and loving wife and daughter and for that my family and I THANK YOU, FRED F. Your the best and a good guy. ........

  • Ignores you when you pay and only calls for another payment

    1.0 star

    Posted by Noe Garcia

    I read several reviews that were negative and true and they just delete them and post fake positive ones. This guy pretends to walk the walk- but he just talks it.. He was assigned by the state to represent me and has failed to do
    Anything 5 months later. He is unorganized and constantly changes pop up office, what a phony

  • Gang case needs a gang trial lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Award winners brother

    Fred was highly recommended by my brother who had won his gang case of being a 3 striker.Fred is very worthy to hold your case in his hands.He puts his effort and time in your trial and into you,who you are.Not who you are as the people (d.a)look at you but who you are as an individual.He prepares himself by understanding you and what you divulge to him.The charges are sometimes concocted scenarios that help the prosecution.

    Everyone knows that when jurors hear it's a gang case,almost half of the jury is already thinking guilty!But,this is where he does his labor.He'll read between the lines and understand where the fabrication commences.Every transcript that is documented,he will thoroughly peruse to find its cracks and faults.With added help by you as his client to take footnotes and highlight what is said by all parties tends to assist him more than we could possibly fathom.

    Give him the time he needs to understand the case and charges and do not get frustrated if he doesn't respond quick enough to your beckon calls.He may be in another trial.But trust and believe that when your trial is on,he is on.It's Showtime!I'm not talking about The Lakers or even Jimmy Lennon Jr. either.I'm talking about Sir Fascenelli working the courtroom in your favor.Showing and proving to the jury the true essence of the law.He'll focus on you in an incessant manner that you will grow to admire and respect.

    Patience is a bitter plant but it has it's sweet reward.Fred won my gang enhancement easily.This is one defense lawyer that I can truly claim will fight for your honor as an individual and as a person that matters.Every single day we're in trials of life.We can either succumb to defeat or we can overcome any obstacle with patience and faith.To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.

    And in the moment of trial,you are the world to Fred.I encourage you to embark on that journey should you feel the need to hire an attorney.Keep in mind,patience is required as you keep your eyes on the prize,which is home.Always remember,keep the faith... Siskel&Ebert gives him 2 thumbs up!!!

  • This guy is so impressive!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Denise

    Phoned him on a sunday and he was at the jail for my boyfreind within hours. Our case was dropped out of court.
    He was always availible for my calls. I was very impressed with his expertise and how personable his is for a attorney as most are not.

  • the best gang attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Caley

    give him the facts, and let him do his job...he'll keep you informed, and wont sugar coat anything. he is sometimes hard to get ahold of but that's because he's focusing on winning your case. if you have a gang related case, you need him

  • 3 striker

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lupita

    He kept our family informed of all the proceedings and always told us that our case could go either way. He was honest and forthcoming. He did not sugar coat the case to make us feel better.He represented our brother with the best interests.