Joseph Torri

Joseph Torri

About Me 

 I strive to provide superior customer/client satisfaction.  Clients face difficult times when they are presented with legal issues. 


Since the time I was sworn in to be a lawyer in 2004, I have represented literally thousands of clients in the public and private sectors.  Most of my business comes from client referrals.  Understanding the position of each client is crucial in framing the client's case.  Keeping the client out of a courtroom is a top priority in many cases.  However, there are cases that must be litigated inside the courtroom.  Since I have experience handling a variety of cases, I have the experience necessary to skillfully negotiate a favorable outcome.  In the event a case does not settle out of court, I have the necessary trial skills to litigate at court.


If the opposing party has filed a request for order or another type of court date, I will take the necessary steps to help resolve the case out of court.  If settlement out of court is unsuccessful, it is quite common to settle cases in the halls of the courthouse.  You will find that judges urge the parties to settle out of court since judges prefer that litigants keep more control over the case instead of having a judge make rulings that both parties disfavor.


I understand what it is like having to face family law issues since I had my own custody case.  I know how stressful it is not knowing what a judge will do if settlement can't be reached.  I know what you are feeling if you actually have to go to court.  I know how it feels to have accusations made that are untrue.  Since I have personally gone through these issues, I found that representing clients with family law cases is what I am passionate about.


I welcome your business, and would like to thank you again for taking the time to learn about me.  I welcome the opportunity to be an advocate for you.  Please feel free to schedule a consultation.  You can and will get through these issues.