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Jacqueline Belen Goodman

About Jacqueline Goodman

About me

Attorney Goodman is a criminal defense lawyer based in Orange County, California. She is admitted to the United States Supreme Court and is named on the Wall of Recognition at the NationalConstitutionCenter in Philadelphia. She was the founding president of the North Orange County Bar Association, and has been a featured speaker at law schools including NYU Law, UCLA Law and Chapman Law. She has been a guest lecturer on legal issues at BrownUniversity and Occidental, among others, and is a regularly featured speaker for the National Lawyer's Guild. She recently debated the District Attorney of OrangeCounty, Tony Rackauckas with moderator, Constitutional scholar and Dean of UCI Law, Erwin Chemerinsky.


Ms. Goodman has appeared on radio and television in Southern California and across the nation. As a trial attorney in private practice in Fullerton for over 17 years, Goodman has also worked closely with charitable organizations for the last decade, and has written and developed a curriculum for advocates for persons with Developmental Disabilities. Her cases are often notorious, including the murder of MLB's Angel's pitcher, Nick Adenhart and the currently pending murder case against a woman for throwing her disabled baby off the roof of CHOCHospital. She defended the Muslim students in the free speech case known as the "Irvine 11," she has represented defendants in other notable First Amendment cases, including journalists arrested in the OCCUPY LA raid, and the so-called "glitter bombers." She has

a golden retriever named Shamus.

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