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Chad Raymond Maddox

About Chad Maddox

About me

If you're faced with a DUI in California, you're probably asking yourself a lot of questions.  Questions like: Do I really need a lawyer?  What will happen to my license?  Will I go to jail?  I answer questions like that everyday for free.


Just call me for a FREE CONSULTATION. 714-462-8968.


Why call me?  I've been focused on DUI defense right here in Southern California for more than 14 years.  I've handled more than 1000 DUI cases during that time!


I've received the same training that police officer's have on the Field Sobriety Tests, and breath testing equipment.  I have even helped train other lawyers on DUI issues. 


Frequently, other lawyers refer thier clients to me, to take the DMV to court for wrongful suspension of thier driver license.

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