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People of the State of California v. TY

Case Conclusion Date: 03.17.2010

Practice Area: Criminal Defense


Description: Defendant was involved in an altercation with police. Defendant was charged with the following: (1) Penal Code 69 - violently resisting a peace officer; (2) Penal Code 148 - resisting arrest; (3) Penal Code 243 - battery on a police officer; and (4) Penal Code 405(a) - lynching The police report alleged that it was the defendant who initiated violence with law enforcement. Through extensive investigation, negotiations, and discovery review, it came to light that it was the police who had initiated violence and the defendant was merely acting in self-defense. ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED AGAINST DEFENDANT. Defendant is now considering a civil suit against the Police Department to collect damages for police brutality and police misconduct

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