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Rivers Judson Morrell III

Rivers Morrell’s client reviews

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  • Forgot my wifes contract all together

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    After doing lots of time looking up different attorneys to take my case, I located Rivers Morrell. He has an excellent reputation online and with many attorney review type websites. I was sure I had found the right one to take my case and he was very convincing as to his capabilities.

    I later found out that Mr. Morrell had forgot to file the lawsuit in my wifes name for lose of consortium. He claimed when questioned that he felt filing her side of the lawsuit would interfere with mine. Thats a bunch of bologna. He forgot.

    This was not found out until 3 years after my case was filed.

    My accident cost me over $90000 and several days hospitalized.

    He somehow convinced me that if he could get my bills removed and reduced that I should take the crap settlement the defense was offering.

    I was so humiliated and totally manipulated by my own attorney and realized he had no idea about the details of my case when he started to question me at the settlement hearing. His facts were way off and I believed that he might have worked for the defenses insurance company before.

    He convinced me that since I was a recovering addict that the jury would not believe what I told them and my credibility was nothing because of my past. This convinced me to just settle.

    When I think back, he and the mediator got me. That Insurance attorney was outside celebrating after I had signed off on the little settlement I had won.

    Thanks Rivers....I do not suggest you use this attorney.

    Rivers Judson Morrell III’s response: “It is unfortunate that this client felt this way. Although we try to control expectations, sometimes we are not able to do that. This was a case that had problems that were unforeseen until we got into the case. There were problems that we do not wish to make public. We did go to a mediation, and the mediator convinced the client that he had a very difficult case (and a poor case at that), and could end up with nothing. We cut the attorneys fees to help the client, but as one can see, he was still not satisfied. His wife's claim had no value, under the circumstances, and if she was in the case, it would have made the recovery even worse.”
  • THE BEST Lawyer ever, Lucky you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Rivers is THE BEST Lawyer you could ever wish for. If you are so lucky to have Rivers as your Attorney, you just won the jackpot. Do not make the mistake I did and DO EVERYTHING he says. Stupid me, I did not completely follow his advice and I settled for a lot less than I could have. Rivers told me what to do and I did not do exactly what he said. Rivers is The Professional, remember that, he is a a pro at what he does, not you, or you would not need him. Just look at his credentials and you will understand why you just got lucky. He is not a SUPER LAWYER for nothing, believe me, I am so grateful and thankful of the day I signed the agreement with Rivers. He was more than fair, more than good, Rivers is THE BEST LAWYER you could ever dream of having.

  • Brilliant representation who produces results!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Monique

    Rivers Morrell was exactly what I expected and much more! My injury occurred a few years ago and I was in a search for the best representation for my case. I originally hired another attorney shortly after my injury and was very disappointed about the results I was provided. I did a Google search and made a few calls in search for a new attorney. I was referred to Rivers from another legal office and when I spoke to Rivers directly he provided a great representation over the phone. I met with Rivers a few days after in person to go over my case and he provided exceptional knowledge and follow-up that I felt very confident he would be able to serve me justice. Just recently, we were able to settle my case outside of court and Rivers negotiated my settlement for my best interest. Rivers is a brilliant man and a veteran attorney that will only produce results. You will not be disappointed!

  • STD Herpes Lawsuit

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane

    I am writing this review based on my actual experience with Rivers Morrell III. I have already recommended three friends to this fine man for his expertise, professionalism and knowledge of his field. I cannot recommend him enough for what he accomplished for me. Rivers was concise and listened to my situation and settled an outcome that exceeded my expectations. This Attorney is top notch and I work with a lot of Attorneys in my profession. I would highly recommend this Attorney if you want the job done correctly, honestly and professionally. He doesn't bring a knife to a gun fight he brings himself to get the job done. Rivers does it in such a way that doesn't need anything but facts to deliver the message he stands for and that's justice.
    Rivers is upfront and very prepared with his information and his clients and will tell you like it is if he is able to deliver based on what is reality. He is specific in what he can or cannot do according to the facts of your personal case.
    Rivers and his Staff are amazing. They truly care about your situation and you as a human being. They all care about you and show it right when you walk into their office. . They always answer their phone and they are always quick to reply to your needs. Specifically Rivers! I emailed their office on Christmas day of 2013 and Rivers responded while on vacation in Mexico!! Who does that these days??? He won my respect and he won my case and I will forever be grateful for his work and his ethics as an Attorney and a good Man along with his Staff being Great Women!!
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this exceptional Law Firm. I am grateful for people like this in this world that are so very few and far between. I highly recommend them in so many ways.

  • Highly Recommended Trial Lawyer Attorney Rivers J. Morrell

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mindy

    Attorney Rivers Morrell represented me during the last three years. Mr. Morrell and his staff worked diligently and professionally on my case. Leaving no stone unturned, his hard work resulted in very favorable results for me. Mr. Morrell always kept me up to date and was always a phone call or visit away if I had any questions or concerns, or to explain parts of the process.

    I felt like I had the best outcome possible and I know without a doubt, it was obtained solely on Mr. MorrelI's expertise. He was always attentive and persistent in dealing with my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Morrell to anyone needing a personal injury attorney. Mr. Morell is extremely knowledgeable with decades of experience. He is honest, forthright, hard-working, and very personable.

  • Exceptionally Knowledgeable and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ron

    Rivers was the quintessential professional from our very first meeting. I was very upset that it was necessary to litigate my auto injury case with the insurance company. Rivers explained the law surrounding these types of cases; gave me a history on the evalution of the laws; and then explained in detail the process that would be followed as my case proceeded towards our assinged court date. During the following months, Rivers and his team handled all documents, responses, appointments, etc. He also ensured that a member of his staff accompanied me on depositons, doctors appointements, etc. to ensure my confidence during these visits and protect my rights. As the case ran its course, there were times that I became frustrated with what was happening to me and took my frustration out on Rivers. Rivers never became angry, upset or arrogant towards me. He responded calmly and professionally, addressed my concerns and we moved on. In the end, Rivers was able to resolve my case prior to going to court (which I was very grateful for) and for a settlement amount that was much higher than I anticipated or expected. I would definately recommend Rivers to anyone looking for an extremely knowledgeable Attorney and one who really does put his clients interests above his own.

  • You will not be frustrated or disapointed with this excellant Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Colleen

    From beginning until the end Rivers was a careing hard worker handling my case proffessionally and with compasion. I had a brain injury from being hit by a car as a pedestrian and Rivers worked with me and was very patient with the cognitive difficulties I was having. He got me the best care and was there for me every step of the way. Office staff is like family. He took care of the law aspect as well as the human aspect in my case. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a good compassionate lawyer who is a Gladiator in the ring of fighting the insurance company to get justice in my case!

  • Our Champion for Personal Injury

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Terry

    Major traffic accidents are always traumatic for all parties involved. I considered ours to be a horrific one. With all our focus and energies given to medical help and healing, it was of great comfort to have Mr. Rivers Morrell III along with his friendly and competent staff, handle all the bills and legal entanglements. His expertise, professionalism, persistence, patience, and being readily accessible were all remarkable! We are most appreciative of Mr. Morrell and his staff in bringing our lawsuit to a successful conclusion, enabling us to move on and resume our lives. Should you find yourself in similar circumstances, I highly recommend Mr. Morrell to represent you as your attorney!

  • RIVERS IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!! If you want results, HE IS THE ONE! Do not look elsewhere. HE'S IT!!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cynthia

    I would be, and very well may be, writing a novel, to support River's as ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ATTORNEY I HAVE EVERY ENCOUNTERED! I don't even know where to start, so I suppose the beginning would be best. I was hit head on by a drunk driver, suffered Traumatic Brain Injury and literally, lost so much because of the accident. As an Educational Psychologist and single mother, I tend to put the needs of others' before my own. As such, Rivers has had a difficult case to contend with, to say the least. TBI and other problems related to the accidemt, caused me to lose my salary for a year at work, fiscally, I've never been in such a bad place, my judgement was impaired, attention, organizational skills, memory - I once could remember and do several things at once, I now have to and do document EVERYTHING, I was working on my dissertation - gone, 100,0000 in student loans, 0 Ph.D, the decisions I made after the accident in my personal life would have been decisions NEVER made, prior to the accident. Bottom line, I was in a very vulnerable place...not as much so, since requesting representation by Rivers - he not only is EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE, his integrity is impeccable, he's creative in finding solutions with difficult cases, clients are always able to reach him, updating his clients daily appears routine for him. NOT ONCE DID I FIND MYSELF UNABLE TO REACH HIM, If he was in court, I literally would be contacted within a few hours, and the thing that most impressed me with Rivers, is that no matter how large or small your case may be to 'most' attorneys, Rivers personally treated my case (which again, is a difficult one - he could have simply given up, victims of TBI are not easy to deal with, he didn't). If he encountered a problem, I was amazed at the creative solutions he would bring to the table . I initially did not take care of my needs first, which I should have. To say I have a life where several people depend on me daily, and responsibility seems to be my given name, would be an understatement. The accident literally caused such upheaval in my life, I would have lost EVERYTHING , had I not found Rivers. I originally requested representation from an attorney who had my case for 9 months, and did absolutely nothing. I found Rivers, he contacted me and everyone he needed to immediately, when he crossed a path that caused a problem for my case,, he was able to find immediate solutions, and won the case in 3 1/2 months. Rivers not only cares about the case he is representing, he does what he can to support his clients who may be experiencing upheaval in their lives, while working on your case - he cares. His staff is wonderful, I've not once spoken to an , I never felt ignored. Rivers is almost always IMMEDIATELY available and again, if he's not, his Staff makes certain the client is aware of where he is and Rivers contacts his clients immediately. TBI is difficult. The client may forget to return his call (he understands this and his follow through is consistent. He is absolutely available for his clients and he wins - he wins cases that most could not). I am not a person who would generally be seen as a 'victim' to most who know me. I have worked very hard in my life and have lost most of it, due to this injury and now, people that have known me, are amazed that I'm able to get up in the morning. My situation was so severe, but not so to those who hadn't met me before. Rivers supported me though the process of the case on a personal level, as well. He truly has given me hope that my life may regain normalacy. Rivers gives attention to All Cases, big or small. All of his clients are treated equally. I'm not certain my life will ever me the same but what I can say is that had I not had Rivers representing me, I would have absolutely LOST everything. I recommend Rivers to be the best attorney out there - do not look for another, he by far is the very best!!!!

  • Dog Bite Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marilyn

    I suffered a shocking facial dog bite leaving me ill equipped to handle logistics of medical cost reimbursement. I contacted Mr. Morrell and he took over for me and I was able to concentrate on recovering. He was knowledgable , focused, and was very successful at recovering my costs, and future costs. He has a caring and competent staff. I was very pleased with his work and the outcome.