I went to Victor Wu for my green card case. He lied to me and pretended to know everything about EB-1 case. In fact he knew nothing and never had any experience about this type of case. He messed up my case by placing some of my documents in a wrong category. He was so lazy that he didn’t even read the RFE letter carefully. Because my denial letter indicated that we didn’t response to the requested documents, which I did provide the documents to Victor Wu.

I can see his face shine when he asked for additional fee if I decide to file for appeal. Are you kidding?? He knew I have just lost my job and my current working visa will be gone soon. And now keep asking me for more $$$....? I’m extremely devastated. He is all about $$$.

I’m a decent man with great moral. If a lawyer could help me win my case I’m more than happy to pay something extra. As the matter of fact, it is not about winning or losing, it’s about taking the job seriously, do your homework and try the best of your ability. If any of you who is looking for an immigration lawyer, remember, Victor Wu should be OUT of your list. He is a lie with no respect to other human being.