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David Robert Cohn

David Cohn’s client reviews

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  • Look no Further!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Oscar

    This is my story: I was charged with two felony counts of second degree burglary. I had prior theft convictions so I was afraid that I would serve some serious jail time. I called Wallin & Klarich and met with David Cohn. David was able to explain my situation to me and explained exactly how he could defend me.
    David was able to get my two felony counts dismissed and I plead guilty to only one petty theft misdemeanor. I am grateful for David’s hard work. Most importantly, I did not have to serve any time in jail. David was able to convince the judge to grant me volunteer community serve as punishment and I could not be more grateful.

  • Amazing Attorney and Person!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by K.D.

    I was charged with a DUI and due to a prior DUI conviction, I was faced with the harsh reality of serving significant time in county jail. Without a doubt, I was worried and scared. I hired the law firm of Wallin and Klarich and my attorney David R. Cohn quickly got to work in resolving my case with the best possible results. I was facing 60 days or more in county jail, and Mr. Cohn was able to not only get my jail sentence reduced but able to put off and delay my date to serve my jail time. I am self employed and it’s financially important to my business that I maintain my responsibilities and satisfy my contractual obligations to my clients. I was facing serious financial hardship and things were finally to turn around. Mr. Cohn understood that it was extremely important that I satisfy my business clients and complete my contractual obligations prior to serving my jail sentence. I am grateful for Mr. Cohn’s hard work and dedication to my case and he is an amazing attorney and person.

  • Professional, Aggressive Representation From David R. Cohn.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    I was verbally assaulted with a friend outside a taco shop in Los Angeles County. In fear of our safety, I went to my car and pulled out a gun I use for security at work and shot one of the assailants. I was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder and was facing LIFE in prison. I hired Wallin & Klarich to represent me. Wallin & Klarich worked aggressively to build my defense. I knew I should have just left the scene when I got in my car to get my gun as I had time to do so, but I wasn't of my right mind at the time and just responded to the verbal assault in the manner I did. I was willing to accept some responsibility but not LIFE in prison! In the end, Wallin & Klarich attained an offer to plead to assault with a weapon and be placed on PROBATION! I snapped that up right away and have been home enjoying my wife and children ever since. Wallin & Klarich gave me my family back. Thank you.

  • Trustworthy Criminal Defense Attorney and Superb Representation!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by S. W.

    I was referred to Wallin & Klarich after being charged with 1st Degree Murder along with 2 other defendants as a result of a drug deal gone bad in Riverside County. I was roped into the thumping of a friend at the hands of crazed parolee and his sidekick. I feared for my life at the time and didn’t stop them even though I should have. I will regret that decision the rest of my life as they beat my friend to death and left him for dead in an abandoned field wrapped in a tarp. Wallin & Klarich made tireless efforts to prepare my defense and pushed hard for a reduced charge and sentence along with my testimony against the others….but to no avail. I was prepared to take responsibility for my actions but we were forced to go to trial. The trial lasted a month with countless witnesses being called. David R. Cohn, partner of Wallin & Klarich, aggressively cross-examined the DA’s witnesses and in closing argued to the jury that I had acted out of fear and duress. Wallin & Klarich presented a reasonable and plausible defense….they presented the facts without the hype! In the end, my co-defendants were found guilty of all of the charges and the jury deadlocked on my charges, which would lead to a possible 2nd trial. With that knowledge, the DA’s finally backed off the 1st degree murder charges and offered me a lesser charge to avoid a 2nd trial. After lengthy discussions with my attorney and family, I accepted the plea bargain….which is what we had been striving for before trial. I would recommend Wallin & Klarich to others charges with serious crimes.

  • Attorney Cohn Saved Me From a Lifetime in Prison

    5.0 stars

    Posted by R. R.

    I was charged with 1st Degree Murder for the shooting death of an elderly woman in San Bernardino County. I was arrested and charged with numerous felonies and was facing LIFE in prison. While I wasn’t innocent of the shooting, I was not guilty of murder as I shot the gun in defense of others and the stray bullet ended up killing the victim. I had never been in trouble before and devastated by my actions…as such, I was prepared to take responsibility but not for murder! After having a public defender for months and feeling like I was going nowhere but prison for the rest of my life, my family was referred to Wallin & Klarich, who assigned a partner to my case. Wallin & Klarich believed in me and my defense of others. Even though Wallin & Klarich explained that my defense of others was “imperfect” within the law, they believed the charges were overcharged and that they would attempt to get the charges reduced to a voluntary manslaughter with use a weapon, which would avoid LIFE imprisonment and give me a determinate prison sentence so I can have my life back eventually. In the end, that is exactly what happened. I am currently serving my sentence and in a few years will have my life back. Every day I thank God for Wallin & Klarich and ask for his forgiveness for the death of the victim.


  • David R. Cohn Saved Me From LIFE in Prison!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by F.

    “I was charged and arrested for 1st Degree Murder in conjunction with a brawl outside a rodeo in Riverside County. The police arrested and charged me and a friend for knifing a guy to death. I maintained my innocence and even though I was present that evening, I never held a knife and never got near the victim. The police stated that 4-5 witnesses had placed the knife in my hand at some point, and that the security guards said we were both involved with the victim. I was facing LIFE in prison for something I didn’t do.

    I was referred to Wallin & Klarich and one of the partners, David R. Cohn, was assigned to my case. Wallin & Klarich aggressively prepared my defense and believed in my defense and more importantly, my innocence. After months of investigation and preparation, my attorney took the case to preliminary hearing along with the co-defendant. While my attorney advised me that 95% of homicide cases get bound from prelim to trial, my attorney assured me that he would do everything he could to get me the charges dropped and to get me out of custody….and he did just that. At preliminary hearing, the DA presented the witnesses and my attorney exhaustively cross-examined each and every one of them….poking holes in their testimony and the DA’s case against me.

    After 4 days of prelim testimony and argument, my attorney David R. Cohn convinced the Judge that there was insufficient evidence for the charge against me. Even though the burden of proof for the DA was so much lower at prelim than trial, the Judge dismissed the charges against me, and I was released from custody! I would recommend Wallin & Klarich to anyone charged with a any crime – their effortless representation on my case gave me my life back!

    On a side note, the co-defendant, who also hired a private attorney, was bound over to trial and found guilty.”

  • Dilligent, Professional, and Extremely Helpful!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Antonia

    My name is Antonia E., sister of Jesus Q., whom you recently represented. When my brother's case first started it hurt the soul of everyone that was part of that family: his wife, his children, his siblings, etc. I know because I was in communication with them.

    On behalf of everyone, I thank God in the first place and I thank you - thank you for accepting this case, thank you for the time you took during the process, thank your parents who raised you (they must be very proud of you), thank the people who make up your family, thank you for all the late nights you spent studying to be an attorney. In Spanish the word attorney means abogado. The word abogado has great value and means to intercede. In this case, God chose you to intercede for this family because as I mentioned earlier, it was not just my brother that was affected, it was the entire family.

    I want to find words to express our gratitude and the only word that comes to mind is THANK YOU. We will always be grateful for agreeing to represent my brother and for the happy resolution of the case. I unequivocally believe that my brother is innocent. If I were not convinced of that, I would not be able to speak in such a manner.

    Even though I had faith in God that this would end well, all the time that passed was very difficult for all of us. I know that at the end of the tunnel there is always light. I also know that God always listens and this is testimony of that.

    Besides thanking you, I want to tell you that I will have you in my prayers every day. Not just you but your family as well. I do not know anybody, not even you, but God knows everyone very well.

    May God bless you always and in every moment of your life. Remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This applies for everyone when we find ourselves in a situation where the solution does not lie in our hands.


    Antonia E.