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  1. Why Motorcyclists Need Uninsured Uninsured Motorist Insurance

    Written by attorney William Seegmiller, 10 months ago.

    No one needs uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance protection more than a motorcycle rider. Indeed, 16 percent of California drivers do not have insurance and those of us who ride motorcycles are far more exposed to injury or death than a motorist who is inside a vehicle.

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  2. California Wrongful Death Claims Overview: The Who, What, Why and How Much.

    Written by attorney William Seegmiller, about 1 year ago.

    No one ever expects to lose a loved one in an accident. The news of a sudden loss is difficult for anyone to handle. A family is scrambling to make sense of what has happened. Its especially hard to come to grips with the fact that another persons mistake was the reason for a fam...

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